Texas Working Families Party endorses Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Judge

Texas Working Families Party is endorsing Lina Hidalgo in her campaign for Harris County Judge. In Democratic-leaning Harris County, Hidalgo had a strong showing in the Democratic primary where she garnered almost 10,000 more votes than the 10-year incumbent Republican Ed Emmett. Texas Working Families Party will mobilize its grassroots supporter base to work for Hidalgo. Other support will include canvassing to educate and turn out voters; a texting program; and campaign consultation. The Working Families Party endorsement is a “seal of approval” for progressive voters.

“As the executive of America’s third largest county, Lina Hidalgo will fight for safe and well-paying jobs, affordable housing, immigrants’ rights, and criminal justice reform and set the pace for the rest of the state and country,” said Jorge Contreras, state director of Texas Working Families Party. “Harris County — which includes Houston, the most diverse city in America — deserves an executive who will work for all of us, not just those at top. Lina is living the American dream, and she will help Harris County residents to do the same.”

Lina Hidalgo was born in Colombia and immigrated to Harris County as a child before attending Stanford University. Lina has dedicated her career to ensuring that government is in service for people by working in international development, helping low-income patients in the community access healthcare, and working with governments and academics to design smarter criminal justice policies. After the 2016 election, upon seeing her local government in Harris County complicit in Trump Administration policies, she put her graduate studies on hold (she was earning law and public policy degrees at New York University and Harvard) to become a candidate to represent every Harris County resident. Hidalgo is running to protect her community’s streets from flooding, promote housing and home ownership, and ensure all neighborhoods are safe.

“The Working Families Party fights for an economy that works for everyone and I am honored to join them in that vision,” said Hidalgo. “The economic health of our community depends on providing opportunity to people in Harris County from all walks of life, not denying it though inequitable policy decisions. The government of our county has the power to do that through fair and proactive protection from floods, through protections for our workers, and through smart criminal justice, transportation, and healthcare policies, and through compassionate governing. I will fight for those most vulnerable in our community as Harris County Judge and look forward to partnering with the Working Families Party to accomplish that goal.”