Pennsylvania Working Families Party endorses candidates for governor, Congress and state legislature

Pennsylvania Working Families Party has endorsed its first-ever statewide slate of candidates for governor, the US House of Representatives, and the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The politically potent group is building a progressive bloc in the state legislature and changing how the people’s business gets done in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Working Families Party is endorsing Tom Wolf for his second term as Pennsylvania’s governor, Scott Wallace, who is challenging Brian Fitzpatrick for the First District congressional seat, and Jess King who is taking on Lloyd Smucker in Pennsylvania’s 11th congressional district.

Endorsed General Assembly candidates are: Katie Muth (PA State Senate, District 44), Jennifer O’Mara (PA State House, District 65), Danielle Otten (PA State House, District 155), Joe Hohenstein (PA State House, District 177), Rep. Chris Rabb (PA State District 200), Elizabeth Fiedler (PA State House, District 184), Kristin Seale (PA State House, District 168), Mike Doyle (PA State House, District 170), Linda Fields (PA State Senate, District 24), Malcolm Kenyatta (PA State House, District 181), Lindsey Williams (PA State Senate, District 38), Summer Lee (PA State House, District 34), and Sara Innamorato (PA State House, District 21).

“Pennsylvania Working Families Party is excited to be rolling out endorsements of candidates who reflect our values and span from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh,” said Brandon Evans, state director of Pennsylvania Working Families Party. “Our goal is to send a delegation to both Washington and Harrisburg that is more reflective of Pennsylvania’s working families and who will fight for us.”