CT WFP Wins Big on Election Night


CT Working Families Party: D-WFP State Senate caucus surpasses Republicans, Voters turned out for progressive policies


WFP Victories: All Federal and Constitutional offices, 2:1 win rate in State Senate and State House

D-WFP caucus in State Senate surpasses Republican caucus (13 – 12)

Individual comments on several major victories below

STATEWIDE — Connecticut Working Families Party-endorsed candidates won big in races across the state, demonstrating not just resistance to Trumpism, but popular demand for policies like Paid Family & Medical Leave and a $15 minimum wage. WFP candidates won every Federal and Constitutional office. For State Senate, WFP candidates won 13 out of 20 seats. For State House, they won 50 out of 75 seats.

This year, CTWFP activists and volunteers turned up in a big way, knocking doors and making calls across the state. We expanded our digital organizing and launched a new WFP texting program, from which volunteers sent over 250,000 texts to voters.

CT Working Families is entering 2019 from a position of strength to bring real improvements to people’s lives. Candidates like Julie Kushner and Matt Lesser won by large margins running campaigns focused on bold, popular ideas to lift up working people across the state — a stark contrast to their opponents.


In response to the election as a whole:

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates WFP candidates across the state on their victories, and thanks them for their deep commitments to economic, social, and racial justice in our state. Going into the next legislative session, our state now has more D-WFP State Senators than Republican State Senators.

“Voters responded to candidates championing bold ideas like Paid Family & Medical Leave and a $15 minimum wage, delivering a clear mandate for the direction of our state moving forward. Folks are tired of more and more of the burden being shifted onto the backs of working people, while our neighboring states lead on pro-worker ideas. And they are frustrated by an economy where all the economic gains go to the wealthiest few, while the poor get poorer.

“This year saw a historic amount of corporate dark money flooding into our elections in a cynical attempt to buy our elections. Voters rejected dark money in favor of clean election candidates running issues-first campaigns

“At the Working Families Party, we believe elections are won by building enthusiasm and inspiring volunteers and voters into action with a clear message for the future. The contrast in last night’s elections was clear: We can build an economy that works for everyone, or we can implement slash and burn policies that drag everyone down but the wealthiest few.

“With the US House of Representatives now positioned to resist Trump’s dangerous policies and Connecticut’s state government in the best position in years to pass meaningful legislation, we are entering 2019 from a position of strength. From Paid Family and Medical Leave to a $15 minimum wage, we are heading into the next legislative session ready to get big things done for Connecticut’s working people.”




Jahana Hayes for U.S. Congress (5th Congressional District)

Jahana Hayes has won her race for US Congress in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District against Manny Santos.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Jahana Hayes on her momentous victory. Throughout her entire life, Jahana has demonstrated the kind of tenacity and compassion that we desperately need in Congress today. Her victory is a victory for everything she stands for: Medicare for All, retirement security, and an opportunity to succeed no matter the color of your skin, your economic status, or where you come from.

“Amid the stark contrast between Jahana’s progressive, inclusive vision and her opponent’s Trumpian politics, voters made their choice clear.

“Jahana is part of a growing wave of teachers stepping up to run for office, volunteer, and speak out for what’s right for our families and kids. She knows firsthand the struggles our teachers face today, the need to properly invest in our public schools, and the incredible threats to education under Trump and Betsy DeVos.

“We are confident that Jahana will be a leading voice for justice in Congress that will resonate from Connecticut and across the country. We thank her for the energy and inspiration she has brought to our elections this year and know she will make our state proud.”


Ned Lamont (Governor) and Susan Bysiewicz (Lieutenant Governor)

Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz have won their race for Governor and Lieutenant Governor against Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

On Ned Lamont:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Ned Lamont on his victory. Bob Stefanowski may not have voted for 16 years, but Connecticut certainly did yesterday.

“Our volunteers campaigned tirelessly because they knew Connecticut needs a governor who can bring people together and help pass forward-thinking ideas that lift up and empower working people. Via texting alone, our volunteers were able to reach over 250,000 voters in this election

“Voters rejected Bob’s Trumpian campaign, from his dangerous and impossible plan to eliminate the income tax to his refusal to answer relevant questions and speak openly to media and voters.

“Ned ran a campaign focused on lifting up working people with ideas like Paid Family & Medical Leave, a $15 minimum wage, affordable college, and legalized marijuana. Voters responded, turning out in big numbers for these issues.

“With ideas like these, we can move Connecticut forward and build our economy from the ground up, the way it should be.”

On Susan Bysiewicz:

“Just as voters chose Ned’s vision over Bob’s scam, they chose Susan’s accomplished leadership over Joe Markley’s anti-woman legislative record.

“Joe spent his time in the legislature hell-bent on controlling women, making us less safe, paying us less, and setting our rights backward by decades. From rejecting affirmative consent to voting against protections against discrimination based on gender expression, Joe made his views on women and our LGBTQ community clear.

“Susan is a committed public servant with a record fighting for all of us, from voting rights to healthcare. Her compassion and experience will be a significant asset in Hartford.”


William Tong (Attorney General)

William Tong has won his race for Attorney General against Susan Hatfield.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates William Tong for winning his race for Attorney General. Connecticut voters declared today that our Attorney General must fight for the people of Connecticut, not for CEOs and the Trump agenda.

“The race for Attorney General this year has highlighted just how important the position is, especially with someone like Trump in power in DC. Throughout the campaign, Susan Hatfield’s positions betrayed the integrity of what an Attorney General should be, from supporting Trump’s family detention and separation policies, to advocating on behalf of corporations over consumers.

“From taking on the NRA to protect victims of domestic abuse, to challenging the big banks to keep families in their homes, to resisting mass incarceration and defending our LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities, William Tong has proven his commitment to progressive values and his ability to fight against powerful special interests.”


Shawn Wooden (Treasurer)

Shawn Wooden has won his race for Treasurer against Thad Gray.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Shawn Wooden on his victory. Throughout the campaign, Shawn has convinced progressive voters of his ability to do the job effectively, with a commitment to pro-worker values. He has the real, measurable experience to get real, measurable results for the people who need it.”


Julie Kushner for State Senate (24th Senate District)

Former CTWFP co-chair Julie Kushner has won her race for State Senate in the 24th Senate District against Michael McLachlan.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Julie Kushner in her tremendous victory. Julie did what she did best: She took on the status quo, brought community members together to find common solutions, built a movement, and won a victory for all working people.

“As State Director of the CT Working Families Party, I got to know Julie well. Serving as CTWFP co-chair for 8 years, Julie worked tirelessly to hold politicians accountable and pass legislation to improve working people’s lives.

“She is a fearless, independent, and thoughtful leader. That’s just what our State Senate needs today, after years of deadlock and stagnation on urgent issues like paid family and medical leave.

“With Julie in the legislature, voters in the 24th State Senate district can be confident that they have someone really fighting for them.”


Matt Lesser for State Senate (9th Senate District)

Matt Lesser has won his for State Senate in the 9th Senate District against Ed Charamut.

Lindsay Farrell, State Director, Connecticut Working Families Party:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Matt Lesser on his important victory. Matt’s campaign drew national attention when his opponent launched an anti-Semitic attack against him. Even when national and state Republicans continued to fund his opponent’s hate, Matt held his head high and fought for a brighter future.

“Voters rejected hate in our state and embraced Matt’s vision of paid family leave, a $15 minimum wage, debt-free college, a clean environment, an economy where everyone can succeed, and a culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

“Matt’s victory is a clear win for progressive, inclusive values in our state and speaks to the kind of policies voters want to see prioritized in the State Senate. We know that Matt will continue to lead as an independent voice, as he always has.”


Additionally, WFP line votes put the following candidates over the margins: Jorge Cabrera (SD17), Gary Turco (HD27), Joe Aresimowicz (HD30), Jill Berry (HD31), and Maria Horn (HD64)