Oregon Working Families 2018 General Election Results

A record number of candidates applied for the Oregon Working Families party endorsement this year because our seal of approval makes a difference. In State Representative races alone, 78% of our nominated candidates won their seats. Overall, 74% of candidates who ran on the Working Families Party line won their campaigns in Oregon.

By working together with our priority campaigns, we put the Working Families Party on the map and helped elect leaders that will fight with us at every level of government.


We’re glad to see Governor Kate Brown re-elected, Measure 102 approved by voters to create thousands of units of affordable housing for Oregonians, and Measures 103, 104, 105, and 106 strongly rejected along with the hateful ideologies that pushed for them.

We were thrilled to learn that Rachel Prusak, a union nurse and longtime friend of the Working Families Party, ousted Republican State Representative Julie Parrish in House District 37. She joins a new class of Working Families Champions in the State Legislature along with Anna Williams, Marty Wilde, and Tiffiny Mitchell.

We are especially proud of the hard work of Gena Goodman-Campbell and Barb Campbell in winning their seats on the Bend City Council! We are so grateful to have partnered with them often over the past months, and are looking forward to our continued work with these Working Families champions!

Finally, we are celebrating the elections of Kathryn Harrington for Washington County Chair, Christine Lewis for Metro District 2, as well as Heather Buch and Joe Berney for Lane County Commission – which has now flipped to a progressive majority! Having these leaders in office will make a huge difference for working people in their communities.


One of our top priority candidates, Eddy Morales, is just 52 votes behind in his race to unseat incumbent Kirk French on the Gresham City Council — so it’s off to a recount! Text RECOUNT to 66866 to support Eddy’s campaign in getting every last vote counted or donate to their effort here.


This election cycle, we fought hard for candidates fighting to change the political narrative in a real way. This struggle is a difficult one, but absolutely necessary, and we are grateful to leaders across the state who stepped up to the challenge.

For WFP champions like Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Mike Ellison, Sarah Grider, and Shelaswau Crier, we know this is only the beginning. These leaders mounted historic campaigns to improve the lives of our working people, and we remain committed to supporting them in whatever endeavors they pursue.


Here’s the full breakdown of how WFP nominated candidates performed on election day:

Jamie McLeod-Skinner [Congressional District 2] – Lost
Peter DeFazio [Congressional District 4] – Won

Kate Brown – Won

Statewide Measures:
Yes on Measure 102 – Won
No on Measure 103 – Won
No on Measure 104 – Won
No on Measure 105 – Won
No on Measure 106 – Won

State Representative:
Pam Marsh [HD5] – Won
Michelle Blum Atkison [HD6] – Lost
Christy Inskip [HD7] – Lost
Paul Holvey [HD8] – Won
David Gomberg [HD10] – Won
Marty Wilde [HD11] – Won
John Lively [HD12] – Won
Nancy Nathanson [HD13] – Won
Julie Fahey [HD14] – Won
Jerred Taylor [HD15] – Lost
Dan Rayfield [HD16] – Won
Renee Windsor-White [HD17] – Lost
Mike Ellison [HD19] – Lost
Paul Evans [HD20] – Won
Teresa Alonso Leon [HD22] – Won
Ken Moore [HD24] – Lost
Susan McLain [HD29] – Won
Janeen Sollman [HD30] – Won
Tiffiny Mitchell [HD32] – Won
Margaret Doherty [HD35] – Won
Jennifer Williamson [HD36] – Won
Rachel Prusak [HD37] – Won
Andrea Salinas [HD38] – Won
Mark Meek [HD40] – Won
Rob Nosse [HD42] – Won
Tawna Sanchez [HD43] – Won
Tina Kotek [HD44] – Won
Barbara Smith Warner [HD45] – Won
Alissa Keny-Guyer [HD46] – Won
Diego Hernandez [HD47] – Won
Chris Gorsek [HD49] – Won
Carla Piluso [HD50] – Won
Janelle Bynum [HD51] – Won
Anna Williams [HD52] – Won
Karen Rippberger [HD55] – Lost
Darcy Long-Curtis [HD59] – Lost

State Senate:
Shannon Souza [SD1] – Lost
Jeff Golden [SD3] – Won
Floyd Prozanski [SD4] – Won
James Manning Jr [SD7] – Won
Sara Gelser [SD8] – Won
Deb Patterson [SD10] – Lost
Peter Courtney [SD11] – Won
Sarah Grider [SD13] – Lost
Chuck Riley [SD15] – Won
Rob Wagner [SD19] – Won
Charles Gallia [SD20] – Lost
Shemia Fagan [SD24] – Won
Chrissy Reitz [SD26] – Lost
Sheri Malstrom [SD27] – Won

Christine Lewis [District 2] – Won

County Commission:
Kathryn Harrington [Washington County Chair] – Won
Amy Lowes [Deschutes County] – Lost
Heather Buch [Lane County] – Won
Shelaswau Crier [Marion County] – TBD (has not conceded)

City Council:
Barb Campbell [Bend] – Won
Gena Goodman-Campbell [Bend] – Won
Eddy Morales [Gresham] – TBD (recount!)