Get your WFP Green New Deal sticker!

We put multiple sticker designs up for a vote and our amazing members and supporters  have spoken loud and clear. And now we’re proud to announce that the WFP Green New Deal sticker is officially up for grabs!

All you have to do is donate ANY amount by clicking here and we’ll send you a sticker in a few weeks. If money is tight, just give a dollar or two to cover the costs of printing and shipping. If you want to help us print even more stickers and make this giveaway last as long as possible, then chipping in $10 or more would be huge.

WFP Green New Deal sticker

Thanks to hundreds of thousands of activists nationwide, momentum is growing fast behind a Green New Deal that would finally transform our economy, create tens of millions of jobs, and lift up millions of working families who have been left behind. And with over 40 members of Congress now signed on in support, we’ve never been closer to a plan that is in line with the scale and urgency of the climate crisis.

So, for the new year, we’re printing thousands and thousands of these union-made Green New Deal stickers — using money that you’ve chipped in throughout the year — and all you need to do is donate $1, $3, or more on this page to get your own.

Our hope is that, once the new year starts, we’ll see these stickers all over bumpers, laptops, and across the country. And that in 2019, we’ll fight harder than ever to pass not only a Green New Deal, but an entire fearless progressive agenda that future generations will be proud of.

In solidarity,

Team WFP