Our 2019 Endorsements

The Working Families Party is proud to endorse the following candidates for federal, state, and local office in 2019. The Working Families Party endorsement is like a progressive seal of approval: it means these candidates can be counted on to fight for us on the issues that matter most, from fair funding of public schools and living wage jobs to ending mass incarceration and getting big money out of politics.

You can apply for the WFP endorsement here, or nominate a candidate for the WFP endorsement here.

Here’s our current list of 2019 endorsed candidates across the nation — check back often as more are added.


Carlos Garcia Councilmember, Phoenix, District 8



Josh Balter State House, State of Connecticut, District 99



Susan Sadlowski Garza Alderperson, City of Chicago, 10th Ward
Rafael Yanez Alderperson, City of Chicago, 15th Ward
Jeanette Taylor Alderperson, City of Chicago, 20th Ward
Michael Rodriguez Alderperson, City of Chicago, 22nd Ward
Michael Rodriguez Alderperson, City of Chicago, 22nd Ward
Byron Sigcho-Lopez Alderperson, City of Chicago, 25th Ward
Andre Vasquez Alderperson, City of Chicago, 40th Ward
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Alderperson, City of Chicago, 35th Ward
Erika Wozniak Francis Alderperson, City of Chicago, 46th Ward
Matt Martin Alderperson, City of Chicago, 47th Ward
Maria Hadden Alderperson, City of Chicago, 49th Ward



Crystal Payne-Pucket Councilmember, Indianapolis, D. 5
Rena Allen Councilmember, Indianapolis, D. 14



Lesley McSpadden Councilmember, Ferguson
Megan Green President of the Board of Alderman, St. Louis


New York

View the full list of NYWFP endorsements here.



Pamela K. Williams State House, State of Pennsylvania, District 190


Rhode Island

June Speakman State House, State of Rhode Island, District 68



Stephen Mason Mayor, Cedar Hill
Sheena Morgan Mayor, City of Glenn Heights
Celia Morgan Councilmember, Arlington
Tartisha Hill Councilmember, Arlington
Victor Gonzalez Councilmember, Balch Springs
Dinah Marks Councilmember, DeSoto
Racheal Hill Councilmember, Lancaster
Carma Morgan ISD Trustee, Cedar Hill, Place 2


West Virginia

Rachel Fetty Morgantown City Council, 1st Ward
Bill Kaweicki Morgantown City Council, 2nd Ward
Zack Cruze Morgantown City Council, 3rd Ward
Jenny Selin Morgantown City Council, 4th Ward
Ron Dulaney Morgantown City Council, 5th Ward
Dave Harshbarger Morgantown City Council, 6th Ward
Barry Wendell Morgantown City Council, 7th Ward



Lisa Neubauer State Supreme Court
Bob Peterson Board of School Directors, Milwaukee County, At-Large
Marva Gill Herndon Board of School Directors, Milwaukee County, District 1
Erika Siemsen Board of School Directors, Milwaukee County, District 2
Sequanna Taylor Board of School Directors, Milwaukee County, District 3
Megan O’Halloran Board of School Directors, Milwaukee County, District 8