Add Your Name: Driver’s Licenses for All New Yorkers

In a major victory for working families, New York’s state legislature just passed the Dream Act!

While Trump is busy shutting down the federal government over his racist border wall, New York state is finally showing the world that another way is possible — and it’s all thanks to activists like you.

The Dream Act will allow undocumented students who meet certain criteria to apply for state financial aid, ensuring tuition equity and equal opportunity. It’s a victory that the Working Families Party and our allies have been fighting for for years. Seven times previously, the Dream Act passed the state Assembly only to be blocked in the Republican-controlled state Senate.

But with a Working Families Party-Democratic majority now in control in the state Senate, this year is different. And we can’t stop now. We can accomplish so much more for immigrants and all working families in New York. That includes protecting and empowering immigrant New Yorkers by expanding access to driver’s licenses.

Can you join us in urging Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers to build on today’s landmark passage of the Dream Act by also passing Driver’s Licenses for All? Add your name to our petition here.

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Driver’s licenses provide safety and protection to all of us. Licenses represent so much more than the ability to legally drive a car — they symbolize increased economic opportunities, stronger families, and a chance to integrate more fully into our communities, particularly for those living in transportation deserts isolated from our state’s economic centers.

After our progressive wave swept Republicans out of power in Albany, we have the chance to build on today’s huge victory by also ensuring all New Yorkers have access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status. This bill will keep immigrant families together, make roads safer and boost the economy. Twelve states already have similar policies in place, and there’s no reason for New York to wait any longer.

Add your name: Tell Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers to improve the lives of all New Yorkers by passing Driver’s Licenses for All.