Sign the card: We stand with LA teachers!

Today is the fourth day of the Los Angeles teachers strike, where more than 30,000 teachers have taken to the picket lines in the country’s second largest school district.

strong>These brave teachers have been standing out in the rain to demand better pay and better school conditions for their students because they are tired of seeing their students get shortchanged, after working without a contract for a year and struggling through a decade of budget cuts.

The Working Families Party stands in solidarity with the teachers fighting for public education and working families in Los Angeles and throughout the nation. Will you sign our thank you card to the striking teachers to let them know you have their backs?

Sign the card: We stand with LA Teachers
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This week’s strike follows a wave of strikes last year that began in West Virginia, and which spread like wildfire across the country to states including Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado. Fed up with poor working conditions and inadequate resources for their students, teachers are standing up and fighting back.

For so many of these teachers, this strike is personal. Many of them grew up in the same school districts where they now teach. They were inspired to become educators in hopes of improving things, only to see the next generation continue to get shortchanged just as they were.

In the words of one Los Angeles teacher, “it’s almost like you’re looking at your little brother, your little sister, and you’re reliving the traumas of education in the past. And you’re like, ‘Dang! Some of these things are still happening.’ It’s almost like you’re fighting for something you wish you could’ve fought for when you were in school.”

Our kids everywhere deserve better, and so do our teachers. That’s why today — and every day — we are proud to stand with teachers. Can you help us show our appreciation for these brave educators who are fighting back? Sign our thank you card to the striking teachers in Los Angeles to let them know you have their backs.