Congress to Vote Today on Revoking Trump’s Fake Emergency

It’s been just over a week since Trump declared a fake “national emergency” to try and divert funding in order to build his racist border wall.

Trump’s outrageous declaration of a national emergency is already being opposed in the streets and in the courts. But today we have a real opportunity to fight back against this unconstitutional power grab in Congress.

In just a few hours, the House will vote on legislation introduced by Rep. Joaquin Castro that would officially reverse Trump’s illegal emergency declaration. The resolution already has 230 co-sponsors, but we need to make sure as many members of Congress — from both parties — vote for it if we are going send as loud a message as possible.

Can you make sure your representative hears from you before the floor vote today? Click here to make calls — or just dial 202-629-0434 — to urge your representative to take a stand against this authoritarian power-grab and support the Castro Resolution to revoke Trump’s #FakeEmergency.

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For far too long, Republicans in Congress have avoided votes that might put them on the record in regards to Trump’s abuses of power. But with this resolution, they might not have a choice. If it passes in the House, then it must be taken up in the Senate due to the bill’s privileged status. That means Mitch McConnell can’t stop this vote, and even some Republicans in the Senate have already signaled that they will support it.1

While multiple cases challenging Trump’s fake national emergency are currently making their way through the courts, Congress can put a stop to Trump’s abuses right now by passing the Castro Resolution.

Can you call your representative before the House votes and urge them to support the Castro Resolution today? Click here or dial 202-629-0434 to connect with your representative now.


1. Trump on brink of defeat on border emergency, Politico, February 25, 2019