A Message from Analilia Mejia

For the past 5 years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to lead some amazing fights as Executive Director of New Jersey Working Families Alliance. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have stood by your side.

As engaged activists, you have fought tirelessly and raised your voice to combat economic inequality and racist policies that impact our daily lives.

New Jersey Working Families Alliance has propelled itself tremendously over the past 5 years as a voice for workers’ rights, tax fairness, immigrant justice, and more. From the beginning, we have fought side by side to grow the pie for working families and build local power! We remained relentless during the Christie Administration that was hostile to workers’ rights. We passed earned sick days and $15 minimum wage in several cities and towns. We recruited and supported candidates who shared our progressive values. We won the long fought victory as we achieved statewide earned sick days, $15 minimum wage, automatic voter registration, and a budget that puts working families first.

I leave New Jersey Working Families Alliance to step into my new role as the National Political Director for the Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, but I want you to know that we’ve built something special here at NJWFA and I’m excited to see where the next few years will take us. Before I leave I have one last thing to ask: Don’t Stop.

Don’t stop organizing. Don’t stop resisting. Don’t stop fighting for justice and progress for all.

There are many fights left here in New Jersey to stand up for. From the upcoming budget to the local Assembly races, I want to encourage you to keep building independent political power and to fight for the many, not the few.

With all the love and gratitude to you and the movement, thanks for all you do.

Analilia Mejia
Executive Director
New Jersey Working Families Alliance