Cuomo’s Attacks on WFP

This coming Monday, Andrew Cuomo’s New York State Democratic Committee is planning to vote on a proposal to support a ban on fusion voting.1

Make no mistake: This is a direct attack by Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families Party, our grassroots supporters, and progressive activists across New York in political retribution for the historic gains we’ve made together over the past year.

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Thanks to you and thousands of WFP activists, we defeated the IDC last year and elected a strong, progressive state Senate majority for the first time in memory. That means that Andrew Cuomo is no longer in total control of Albany, and it means he no longer gets to unilaterally push through secret deals (like giving billions away in subsidies to the richest man in the world with no community input or legislative oversight).

So now, Cuomo is responding how he usually does: by trying to divide and conquer.

Cuomo is seeking to build support for a ban on fusion voting — the system that allows the Working Families Party to cross-endorse progressive Democrats like the challengers to the IDC and have them run on our ballot line. Time and again, fusion voting has allowed the WFP ballot line to provide the margin of victory for Democrats running in swing districts seeking to oust right-wing Republicans.

Cuomo’s fusion ban is an attempt to hurt not just the WFP, but our entire movement, and to prevent us from winning victories like these in the future.

Andrew Cuomo’s proposed fusion ban is only one part of an all-out attack against New York progressives:

  • Cuomo is already attacking the new WFP-Democratic majority in the state Senate, telling voters that vulnerable newly elected Democrats “should be held accountable” for standing up for working families.2
  • Cuomo is reportedly working to build an “IDC v. 2” — a development that Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-WFP) responded to on Twitter by saying: “over my dead body.”3
  • And Cuomo has already put language in his budget that would force grassroots, volunteer-led organizations like many of the groups that helped defeat the IDC to register as lobbyists if they engage in even a small amount of advocacy.4

Now, with the April 1st budget deadline approaching, Cuomo is coming after fusion voting, which has played a vital role in New York’s democracy for over a century — and which has helped WFP and our allies build the progressive political power to win victories like these and more.

We’ve shown everyone over the last few months that when working people stand together, we can accomplish almost anything. Now we need to come together once again. Will you take 30 seconds to say you stand with the Working Families Party in this moment — and show Andrew Cuomo the strength of our movement?


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