Cuomo’s Fusion Ban

Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo’s NY State Democratic Committee doubled down on their attacks on New York progressives by voting to endorse Cuomo’s ban on fusion voting.1

This is an escalation of Cuomo’s attack on the Working Families Party and the entire progressive movement in New York. Instead of championing real fixes to New York’s broken democracy — like public financing of elections or automatic voter registration — Cuomo’s State Democratic Party endorsed his bid for revenge against the Working Families Party and the progressive movement that beat the IDC.

The next big deadline in this fight is April 1st. That’s the deadline for Cuomo and state legislative leaders to finalize the state budget. And despite massive opposition to his fusion ban, Cuomo is refusing to rule out adding it during last-minute budget negotiations. We have zero time to lose. We need to fight back NOW.

We need to show Andrew Cuomo and his establishment allies seeking to destroy the progressive movement in New York that we aren’t going anywhere. Will you make a $3 emergency donation right now and help the Working Families Party fight back against these attacks?

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Here’s the good news in all this: the massive outpouring of support that WFP has received from progressive leaders, elected officials, and activists opposed to Cuomo’s fusion ban. Those voices include:

  • 2020 presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and 17 members of New York’s Congressional delegation,
  • Over two dozen New York state senators, including all of the challengers who brought down the IDC last year (while Cuomo and the Democratic establishment did nothing or actively supported the IDC),
  • 340+ local elected officials from across New York state,
  • And thousands of WFP supporters, national progressive organizations, and grassroots activists both within and outside of the Democratic Party.2

The truth is that we didn’t plan for this fight. There are only 27 days until April 1st, and we need a surge of grassroots donations in order to help us build our defenses immediately.

Can you chip in with an emergency contribution? Every individual donation helps us fight back and sends a powerful message that the people won’t tolerate this attack on progressives.



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2. Twitter thread: Progressives who #StandWithWFP, Working Families Party, March 4, 2019