Electing a community organizer in Arizona


Carlos Garcia is a local Working Families Party leader and lifelong organizer and activist in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s exactly the kind of person we want to elect more of to office, which is why WFP was proud to endorse and support his campaign. And last night, Carlos finished FIRST in a special election for Phoenix City Council!

But this isn’t over yet. Carlos is now heading to a crucial runoff election on May 21st. We have the power to help him win, and elect an amazing activist and ally. But we need to act fast:

Make a $3 contribution or more today and help elect WFP’s Carlos Garcia to Phoenix City Council! Every dollar will help power this grassroots campaign.

The sad truth is that local elections like this rarely get the attention they deserve. Across the nation, city councils and local governments decide how our money is spent, where our resources are invested, and whether we will have people in power who stand for the many or the few.

It’s the difference between over-policing our communities or investing in them, between building luxury condos or repairing our infrastructure and making our neighborhoods livable, between doing the bidding of the wealthy and well-connected or putting working families first.

The people of Phoenix’s 8th District need and deserve a City Councilmember who will put THEIR priorities first — someone like WFP’s Carlos Garcia. And in just a few weeks, we have the chance to elect him.

Can you split a donation today of ANY amount and help elect WFP’s Carlos Garcia? He’s made a lot of powerful enemies by running a people-powered campaign, but together our grassroots power can overcome any obstacles.

Last night was a huge victory for Carlos and for working families all across Phoenix. Let’s help hit the ground running and build off that momentum between now and the runoff election on May 21st.