We’re all in for the 2019 Special Election.

The Oregon Working Families Party is proud to share our endorsements for the 2019 Special Election.


This year, we’re making an unprecedented effort to support candidates running for local office because of the immediate impact these elections have on the lives of working people.

  • On school boards, directors make key decisions about curriculum, school personnel, and how district money is spent. Special interest groups and corporate interests have supported bought-and-sold school board directors who advance their agenda of rolling back worker protections, diverting funds from public education to private entities, and implementing curricula that pushes students towards careers in the corporate world. These school board members have put corporate profits above student achievement, and too much public money has been wasted on untried and unsuccessful programs at the expense of our young people.  Here at the Working Families Party, we know that these decision-makers don’t have the best interests of students, parents, staff, or the larger community in mind. That’s why we’re all in to support school board candidates who are accountable to us, not corporate interests.
  • In park and recreation districts, directors oversee large budgets paid for by our taxpayer dollars as well as the creation and maintenance of facilities and programs. Parks and recreation provide an essential public service that directly affects community health and quality of life. We need park and recs directors who are committed to using taxpayer dollars to advance equity and benefit the lives of working people, not the large corporations who don’t pay their fair share in taxes while also reaping the benefits of our public services.
  • And on port commissions, commissioners make key decisions about environmental regulations, international trade, and working conditions of highly skilled tradespeople. All too often, special interests use their outsized influence to support candidates for these positions that will harm the environment, support bad trade practices, and negatively affect working conditions.

Oregon Working Families Party candidates come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, and are united in their dedication to fighting for working people. Whether they’re competing to serve on their local school board, park & rec district, or port commission, our candidates are running to ensure that government is accountable to the people.

Take a look at our full list of endorsed candidates here!

We need your support to ensure that our local governments are reflective of the people they represent and are advancing an agenda that centers the working class. That’s why we’re building an army of supporters – the #SpecialElectionSquad – to support working families’ candidates right here at home. Join us by signing up here today!

And don’t forget – the last day to register to vote or update your registration is April 30th. Working Families Party voters can vote in all of these elections – Election Day is on May 21st!