RSVP: Join Ady Barkan for the next WFP Assembly

Our monthly WFP Assembly national video meeting is coming up soon, and you won’t want to miss it.

Click here to join us on the next WFP Assembly this Sunday, May 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT:

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Joining us Sunday will be WFP National Director Maurice Mitchell, as well as special guests including:

Ady Barkan, the fearless health care activist who has been leading the fight against the Trump administration despite his struggle with ALS. Coming off his moving testimony at the first-ever House hearing on Medicare for All last month, Ady will share his thoughts with the WFP community about why this fight is so critical, and what needs to happen next for our movement.

Tiffany Cabán, WFP-endorsed candidate, will also be joining us to talk about her race for District Attorney in Queens, New York happening next month, coming off the huge endorsement she received this week from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

Andy Cockburn and Zack Cruze, who were part of an incredible West Virginia WFP sweep this month in Morgantown, WV with seven of seven WFP candidates winning seats on the City Council!

We’re excited to hear from all of them — and from all of YOU — about how we can keep building this community and our movement together.

Please join us Sunday and help shape the next chapter of the WFP. RSVP now — you can join the WFP Assembly by phone or video and watch it alone or host a watch party:

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Miss the inaugural WFP Assembly in April? Watch a clip featuring WFP National Director Maurice Mitchell here: