OR Working Families Party wins big in May Special Election

Working families win! We’re proud to announce that, in the May Special Election, 75% of our endorsed candidates won their seats.

Oregonians voted for progress in school board races across the state. These victories are a huge step forward in helping stem the tide of taxpayer money going to ineffective charter schools while bolstering public education.

Some of these wins include:

  • Ana Gonzalez Muñoz, an educator and activist, defeated incumbent Dane Nickerson, flipping the Reynolds School Board to a majority progressive and people of color-led board.
  • Martina Shabram, a young sex educator recruited by her students to run, beat conservative incumbent Jim Torrey for the Eugene (4J) School Board #5 position.
  • Amanda Orozco Beach, a waitress who will ensure working families are represented on the school board, overcame conservative incumbent John Hartsock for the Gresham-Barlow School Board position #7.

Voters were invested in these elections, supporting the most progressive candidates with the boldest plans for advocating for our students, putting more resources in the classroom, and ensuring that parent voices are heard. Together, we made this happen by talking with voters and sharing our values.

Here’s the full breakdown of how OWFP candidates performed in the May 2019 Special Election:

Multnomah County:

Yesenia Delgado [Reynolds School Board #5] – Won

Ana Gonzalez-Munoz [Reynolds School Board #6] – Won

Ricardo Ruiz [Reynolds School Board #7] – Won

Sahar Yarjani Muranovic [David Douglas School Board #4] – Won

Sumitra Chhetri [Centennial School Board #3] – Won

Amanda Orozco-Beach [Gresham-Barlow School Board #7] – Won

Shanice Clarke [PPS Board #2] – Lost

Michelle DePass [PPS Board #2] – Won

Michael Sonnleitner [PCC Board #3] – Won

Andrew Speer [MHCC Board #3] – Won

Kenney Polson [MHCC Board #5] – Won

Courtney Helstein [MHCC Board #6] – Lost


Washington County:

Alex Diaz Rios [PCC Board #7] – Won

See Eun Kim [Hillsboro School Board #4] – Won

Lisa Allen [Hillsboro School Board #5] – Won

Yadira Martinez [Hillsboro School Board #7] – Won

Gimena Olguin [Tigard-Tualatin School Board #2] – Lost

Narce Rodriguez [Forest Grove School Board #5] – Won

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg [Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec #3] – Won

Heidi Edwards [Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec #4] – Won

Tya Ping [Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec #5] – Won


Lane County:

Gordan Lafer [Eugene 4J School Board #4] – Won

Martina Shabram [Eugene 4J School Board #5] – Won

Deanna Chappell Becher [Eugene 4J School Board #7] – Lost

Lisa Fragala [Lane CC Board #7] – Won

Todd Mann [Springfield School Board] – Won

Chris Wig [Willamalane Parks and Rec Director] – Won


Marion County:

Raul Guerro Marquez [Salem-Keizer School Board #2] – Lost

David Salinas [Salem-Keizer School Board #4] – Lost


Clackamas County:

Emma Lugo [Oregon City School Board #6] – Lost

Pamela White [Oregon City School Board #7] – Won

Chelsea King Martin [West-Linn Wilsonville School Board #2] – Won

Jordan Ferris [West-Linn Wilsonville School Board #4] – Lost

Libra Forde [North Clackamas School Board #3] – Won


Linn/Benton Counties:

Tony Lapiz [Linn-Benton CC Board #6-7] – Won

Michael Thomsen [Greater Albany School Board #3] – Won


Columbia County:

Stephen Hanson [Port of Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1] – Lost