Tiffany Cabán’s race headed to recount

On July 3rd, the Queens County Board of Elections finished counting the remaining absentee and some of the affidavit ballots from last week’s election for District Attorney. The election now appears headed to a full manual recount.

We need to fight to make sure every valid vote is counted and every voter has a voice.

The Board of Elections invalidated over 2,000 affidavit ballots — ballots cast by people who, for various reasons, were told they could not vote on Election Day. When all the votes are counted, we are confident Tiffany Cabán will be the next Queens District Attorney. But recounts are expensive, and this one could take weeks.

In a recount like this, the establishment has the full force of the machine on their side, including many of the judges and commissioners who are supposed to be fair arbiters of the law. Tiffany has YOU.

Contribute now to help WFP and Tiffany Cabán make sure every vote is counted.

Let’s make sure democracy — and justice — prevail in Queens.