We can end the Republican Party in Philadelphia

Imagine, for a minute, Philadelphia without the Republican Party.

A Philadelphia where a progressive political movement, powered by working people across different backgrounds, supplants the right wing and becomes a second major political party along with the Democrats.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Working Families Party candidates for the Philadelphia City Council: Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks! Together, we’re going to put an end to Republican Party power in Philadelphia — by replacing Republicans with these grassroots Working Families Party champions who will permanently transform the political landscape.

Are you in? Chip in $3 right now to become a founding donor and help elect WFP’s Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks to the Philadelphia City Council.

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How is this even possible? Here’s how:

Philadelphia’s City Council has two at-large seats reserved for the “minority party.” Those seats have been held by Republicans for years. But this year, the Pennsylvania Working Families Party is flipping the script by supporting Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks in the general election.

Pastor Nicolas and Kendra are both organizers and community activists with incredibly inspiring stories to tell. They’ve both been on the front lines in their communities in the struggles for education justice, ending mass incarceration, and fighting for affordable housing.

Pastor Nicolas is a community organizer who brings together people across race, income, faith, gender identity and neighborhood lines. Kendra is a mother of four and grandmother of three who has worked with hundreds of parents, educators and students to fight for public education and social justice. Now they are running to bring these movements to Philadelphia City Hall. And you’ll be hearing a lot more about them soon.

Together, they are running on a progressive issue platform informed by community organizations, labor, and activists, that includes increasing affordable housing, ensuring full and fair funding for public schools, stopping police targeting of Black and Brown people, and fighting for dignity and respect for all work.

The Working Families Party is going all-in to help elect Pastor Nicolas and Kendra and change the landscape of Philadelphia politics forever. But this won’t be an easy fight. We’re going to need to build and mobilize an unprecedented grassroots movement in order to reach as many voters as possible, and let them know about the power they hold in Philly to elect progressives and defeat Republicans.

Can we count on you to become a founding donor today?

Chip in $3 right now to become a founding donor and help elect WFP’s Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks to Philadelphia City Council.

Together, we can make history,

Working Families Party