The Intercept: WFP making waves in 2019

The Intercept just published an article profiling many of the Working Families Party’s inspiring, hard-fought wins nationwide. We wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it:

The Intercept on WFP victories

Here are some of the highlights, and part of why we’re so hopeful about the future:

  • In 2017, two thirds of our 1,000+ WFP-endorsed candidates won their elections for local and statewide office across 23 states,
  • In 2018, we elected 457 WFP candidates to local and statewide office across 38 states,
  • So far in 2019, we’ve already elected more than 50 WFP candidates in municipal and local elections, and we’re getting involved in dozens more exciting races leading up to November.

What we are demonstrating — whether it’s in the Rust Belt, the heart of Texas, rural states like West Virginia, or big cities like Philadelphia and NYC — is that our candidates can win anywhere when they run on an unapologetic progressive agenda powered by grassroots supporters knocking on doors, talking to voters, and staying involved all the way through and after Election Day.

The wealthy and the powerful try to tell us that doing this type of thing is impossible. But we are doing it. We’re winning. And if even more of us come together, think about how much more might be possible.

This is a different type of politics than most people are used to. It doesn’t rely on big-money donors. Its continued success depends on grassroots supporters like you.

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