WFP to Hold 2020 Endorsement Vote

In June, we officially launched our WFP2020 presidential endorsement process. Throughout the summer, Working Families Party members and supporters nationwide heard from the candidates, discussed, and debated.

Now, it’s almost time to vote!

From September 9th-15th, we’ll be holding our official vote for the Working Families Party’s 2020 presidential endorsement. We will be deciding between five candidates (in alphabetical order): Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Bill de Blasio, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Here’s how the vote will work:

1. The Working Families Party National Committee — which includes representatives from WFP state chapters and local branches as well as national progressive and movement leaders — will get 50% of the total vote share.

2. Current WFP members and grassroots supporters will also receive 50% of the total vote share. A WFP member is anyone who pays dues of $10/month or $120 in the past year. A WFP supporter is anyone who has previously engaged with us and signed up to WFP’s email or text list. You must be a current Working Families Party member or supporter as of Monday, September 2, 2019 to participate in this vote.

All WFP members will automatically receive a secure, nontransferable ballot via email next week. If you are not a dues-paying member, you can still participate by affirming our values at this link before September 6th at 6am ET.

3. Our endorsement vote will be conducted using ranked-choice voting.Here’s how ranked-choice voting works: Instead of just casting one vote for their favorite candidate, everyone who votes will be able to rank their candidate preferences from first to last. If no one’s first choice gets more than fifty percent of the combined vote of WFP supporters and the National Committee, the bottom-ranked candidate will be eliminated and their votes re-allocated to those voters’ second choice. This process will continue until one of the candidates crosses the 50 percent threshold and wins.

Since we launched our WFP2020 endorsement process in June, WFP members and supporters have come together to discuss and debate the issues — at house parties, in an online members forum, and directly with the candidates themselves during Live Q&As where you were able to ask them meaningful questions about their policies and records. We’ve gained hundreds of new members, thousands of new supporters, and over half a million views of our interviews with the candidates.

Now it’s almost time for the main event: the endorsement vote!

The Working Families Party is made up of people like you across the country. We need all of your voices to help us decide how best to take on Donald Trump, usher in an era of transformative change, and make sure working people stay united and don’t allow the billionaire class to divide us.

Visit for more information on our endorsement process.