W&L: Good Morning AC!


Winner of the Week: The FBI and William McSwain, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.New York Times‘ Nick Corasaniti and Matthew Haag: Despite an incredibly crowded national news cycle orbiting around Trump, Ukraine and “quid pro quo,” we enjoyed another FRONT PAGE New York Times investigation on Tuesday about Jersey’s own potential fraud under the EOA, which Governor Murphy rightly labeled this week a “national embarrassment.

What followed was an avalanche of outrage from legislative Democrats & Republicans who demanded accountability and an immediate investigation! (Oops sorry, typo, we were dreaming of state that wasn’t a corrupt-to-the-core bizarro world. But we’re changing that.)

(Hey, members of the legislature who we know agree with us: now would be a great time to speak up.)

Collingswood’s Kate Delaney, Star Ledger Guest Columnist:  “But while the investigation into the tax credit program continues, advocates in South Jersey realize that the political machine run by Norcross has tentacles that reach far beyond the tax incentive program – and into dozens of municipalities and countless politicians of every party and at every level across South Jersey.”

Kate is the ringleader of the Collingswood slate that did the thing everyone said was impossible: they won Off The Line in Camden County.

Richard Smith, Audible CEO Don Katz and Senator Bob Smith’s Travel agent: This week’s Sweeney Hearing to Attenuate Murphy (aka “SHAM”) was such a joke that two of the Committee’s advertised star witnesses, Audible CEO Katz and NAACP President Smith, AND the Chair, Senator Bob Smith (on “vacation”) — skipped the Monday hearing altogether.

We’re pretty sure they all woke up the next morning, read A1 of the Tuesday New York Times, and texted happy relief Emoji faces to their Comms Directors. The CEOs of American Water and Subaru? Not so much.

On the plus side, a lively public Twitter discussion ensued. Why NJ can never seem to find the money to invest in important things, the asymmetry of information about tax credits between large corporations and the government, and a helpful musing about how many school lunches you could buy with $165 million. And so many more.

New Jersey Democratic State Committee under Governor Murphy: When you read this, it’ll be Friday morning, and what a morning to be a Dem in AC! Speaker Pelosi is in the house. Donald Trump is getting impeached. 13/14 of our Congressional members are Dems. Governor Murphy is about to lead the DGA. Democrats enjoy strong majorities in both Houses. And now a federal criminal investigation will be looking into abuses under the Economic Opportunity Act. (!)

But apparently some people think we need corporate lobbyist Leroy Jones to take us to a higher level? No thanks. Unless you’re a machine Dem.

Oh, Machine Dems – a relic from another era.


The Congressional “Progressive” Caucus PAC: What do you do the same week New York Times reports that New Jersey was ripped off another $100 million under the Economic Opportunity Act and the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the FBI is investigating abuses under the same law?

You endorse the guy who “led the way” for passage of the law that helped his brother: Donald Norcross.

Racist General Majority PAC mailers:  Good for Governor Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Oliver, and both candidates for State Chair, who blasted the infamous “Aunt Jemima” General Majority mailer.

Cooper Health System: Better Call Low-ell.

We’re pretty sure when you need to hire criminal defense powerhouse Abbe Lowell, next year’s Cooper Gala isn’t going to be quite the same.

Gottheimer and Van Drew: Really guys?

Jersey Odors:  Why does our state smell? Poor Bayonne OEM had to issue the following alert last night:  “Our office is receiving calls again for the odor this evening.  We ask that anyone smelling this odor to please call the NJ DEP Hotline.”  Weekly reminder: the New York Jets play 15 miles away!