W&L: Happy Birthday, EOA!


#JerseyRising: New Jersey unemployment is at 3.2 percent, the lowest monthly rate since state-level records began, the same year the Meadowlands opened (relevant in a minute). And after six days in India, Governor Murphy announced that 1,250 new jobs will be created in Jersey — with zero subsidies.

For context, that’s around the same number of new jobs created by ALL of Camden’s top ten projects after six years… and $1.1 Billion in Chris Christie/ Steve Sweeney/ Norcross Brothers EDA giveaways.

New Jersey Policy Perspective:  We love how NJPP looked at the tax incentive program and said, “Yeah, feel-good anecdotes are nice and all… but let’s look at data.”

NJPP released a bombshell report, which explained (using every type of chart possible, from bar graphs to donuts!), what a disaster the EOA is for New Jersey. The law was adopted in September 2013, making this week the sixth birthday of the Christie-era law. We can think of no better way to celebrate this travesty of an anniversary, than fully appreciating NJPP’s 10 common-sense ways to reform tax incentives in NJ.

(Paging Monday’s Senate committee.) (And the entire Legislature.)

Workers United and NJ Work Environment Council:  A strong op-ed on NJ.com this week noting, “E-commerce company goPuff was awarded $39 million in tax credits in 2018 to open a new warehouse distribution center in Gloucester County, but failed to disclose wage and hour violations resulting from worker misclassification on their subsidy application.  Logistics company NFI Industries was awarded approximately $80 million in NJEDA Grow NJ credits in 2017 but failed to disclose violating wage and hour laws and even a criminal conviction on the part of an affiliate.  This is outrageous. Corporations should not receive generous subsidies if they exploit their workers and refuse to invest in New Jersey’s communities.”

Politico NJ Playbook Headlines: Can any of us imagine starting our day without Matt Friedman’s headlines? We enjoyed Tuesday’s:  “Steve Sweeney: Champion of Transparency (If he doesn’t like you).” Ha.

(There are now a lot of new-to-politics folks on this email now. Welcome! If that’s you, and you’re not already subscribed, we suggest you sign-up for Friedman’s Playbook. It’s kind of like NYT’s “The Daily” podcast, but far less “soothing or calming.” But, fair warning: once you see New Jersey politics, you can’t unsee it, and your coffee and bagel will never taste the same again.)

Longest-Serving Senate President in the History of New Jerseythe Mitch McConnell of New Jersey!  Congratulations this week to Steve Sweeney who apparently is feeling a need to lock-in commitments for a vote that doesn’t occur until 2020.

We wonder if commitments issued to our Senate President are as binding as commitments by our Senate President.

Analilia Mejia: This week, Analilia was named the National Association of Social Workers-NJ 2019 Public Citizen of the Year. Congrats Analilia!

Camden County Prosecutors OfficeDeputy Attorney General Jill Mayer has been named by the Murphy Administration to serve as the Acting Camden County Prosecutor. According to Attorney General Grewal, she serves “as the state’s premier source on wiretapping and racketeering” and was most recently at the helm of the State’s Gangs and Organized Crime Bureau.

Welcome to Camden County!


Racist mailers from DemocratsGeneral Majority PAC’s grotesque “Aunt Jemima” mailer. Seriously? Who do you pay to make these things?? Wait, we are pretty sure we know.

Anti-Semitic & Islamophobic, pro-genocide comments. Obvi. Not OK.

Our Roads: After years of neglect by Chris Christie, New Jersey has the worst roads in the nation. Is now a good time to remind everyone the ways in which we could invest in our state for the long-term instead of always making deals to benefit the already-rich and powerful?

Sweeney’s Plan to Fix Roads: So what do you do when a report comes out saying New Jersey has the worst roads in America? Well, obviously you propose using 40 MILLION DOLLARS of our Transportation Trust Fund to repair a boardwalk in Wildwood — a town that voted for “get government off our back” Donald Trump and is represented by Democratic legislators who won’t vote for any tax, anytime, ever.  Even the South Jersey Times said the Transportation Trust Fund “doesn’t deserve to have its purpose perverted for boardwalk planks in Wildwood or elsewhere.”

Kearney: “Foul Smell Continues to Plague New Jersey Town.”  FYI Meadowlands’ Met Life stadium is about 7 miles away. Just sayin’.