Working Families Party Endorses 91 General Election Candidates

Passero, Porcher, Rilling, Florsheim and Setaro Receive Mayoral Endorsements

HARTFORD, CT – The Connecticut Working Families Party (WFP) has endorsed 91 candidates ahead of the November 5th general elections.  With these endorsements, WFP aims to help elect strong progressive activists and community leaders, running for municipal offices with pledged support for economic, racial and immigrant justice.

The Working Families Party endorsement comes with strategic campaign support and candidate training. All candidates who seek the endorsement are carefully vetted to ensure that they reflect the values of Working Families Party members. Candidates earn the endorsement by affirming their commitment to fight for economic justice, tax fairness, workers’ rights, affordable healthcare, strong public education, and immigration reform. Additionally, endorsed candidates work to secure WFP’s ballot access either by collecting petition signatures or winning at least 1% of the vote on the WFP line in their elections. This demonstrates their commitment to build and grow the WFP in their communities. 


In Bridgeport, WFP has endorsed Amina Brown, Dasha Spell, and Eric Stewart-Alicia for the Board of Education, and Kyle Langan and Cynthia Torres for City Council.  In our endorsement, we valued their strong commitment to promote equity and reduce racial disparities in Bridgeport, as well as willingness to stand up to special interests in City Hall. State Senator Marilyn Moore did not collect the minimum amount of signatures required to appear on the WFP ballot line in the general election. Endorsements in Bridgeport were first announced on August 9th

City Council Cynthia Torres (District 132), Kyle Langan (District 132)
Board of Education

Amina Brown, Dasha Spell, and Eric Stewart-Alicia


In Danbury, WFP has endorsed 27 candidates in most municipal offices, including City Clerk, City Treasurer, Zoning Commission, City Council, and Board of Education. At the top of the list, WFP is proud to endorse Chris Setaro for Mayor, and his vision for Danbury as an open, inclusive city where all residents have a chance to thrive and prosper, no matter where they came from or who they are.

“Mayor Boughton’s administration has shown a dismal immigrant rights record and increasing neglect of basic services,” says Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the Working Families Party. ”Boughton has paid more attention to real estate developers and his own failed gubernatorial ambitions. We believe that Chris Setaro and this team of candidates can provide the leadership Danbury needs to become an open, welcoming city truly committed to all its residents.”

In 2018, the Working Families Party helped elect State Senator Julie Kushner (D-24), who was a former WFP chair and flipped a seat held by a Republican for 24 years. Through intensive voter registration outreach, candidate recruitment and training, and by winning Senator Kushner’s historic victory in the 2018 general election, the WFP is changing Danbury’s electoral and political landscape with candidates fighting for racial, immigrant and economic justice.

The complete list of endorsed candidates follows:

Mayor Chris Setaro
City Clerk Andrea Gartner
City Treasurer Kate Johnson
Constable Emil Coladarci
Board of Education  Kate Conetta, Joseph DaSilva, Joseph Britton
City Council at Large  Wilson Hernandez, Helena Abrantes, Anjali Illescas, Timothy Gaburungyi, Roberto Lopes Alves
City Council Wards Dennis Perkins (Ward 1), George O’Loughlin (Ward 1), Kirsten Kovacs-Hardy (Ward 2), Elvis Novas (Ward 2), Mary Consoli (Ward 3), Carolyn Thibodeau (Ward 3), Farley Santos (Ward 4), Paul Rotello (Ward 6), Richard Molinaro (Ward 7), Fidel Hombra (Ward 7)
Zoning Commission Theodore Haddad, Ryan Hawley, Henry Hall, Sidney Almeida, Nelson Merchan Jr.








In Fairfield, WFP has endorsed four candidates. Sharon Pistilli, Matthew Jacobs, and Scott Nickel will be on the WFP line for district 3 of the Representative Town Meeting, while Jennifer Maxon-Kennelly will be the endorsed WFP candidate for the board of education. 

“Fairfield’s working families need a strong voice at the Town Hall,” says Lindsay Farrel. “We believe that Sharon Pistilli, Matthew Jacobs, Scott Nickel, and Jenniffer Maxon-Kennelly are the right people to fight for progressive change in Fairfield.”

Representative Town Meeting Sharon Pistilli, Matthew Jacobs, Scott Nickel
Board of Education Jennifer Maxon-Kennelly





In Hamden, WFP is endorsing Laurie Sweet and Rhonda Caldwell for the Town Council at-large seats. These seats are currently occupied by Republican legislators, as the town charter guarantees two of the six at-large seats to the minority political party. With these endorsements, WFP is seeking to give a new voice to working families and people of color in town government. 

“Hamden needs elected officials that are willing to stand up for the rights of all residents. “says Lindsay Farrell. “ Laurie Sweet and Rhonda Caldwell have a clear vision for Hamden – a town where town officials are held accountable, and where every resident feels safe and welcome. And they are willing to fight for it.”

Town Council at Large Laurie Sweet and Rhonda Caldwell





In Hartford, Josh Michtom, Moise Laurent, and Wildaliz Bermudez are running for City Council as Working Families candidates. The Capital City has seen new development and projects, following years of budget crisis. WFP council members have worked tirelessly to ensure that the benefits of these economic growth reach across the city.

“Hartford needs leads that want to make the needs of workers and people of color their first priority,” says Lindsay Farrell. “Only by electing candidates that are willing to fight for social justice and equitable economic growth can Hartford prosper. Wildaliz Bermudez has been a decisive voice at City Council pushing for this vision. Josh Michtom and Moise Laurent are ready to join her in this fight.”

City Council Josh Michtom, Moise Laurent, and Wildaliz Bermudez





In Meriden, WFP is endorsing Krystle Blake for City Council in Area 3. She is a lifelong Meriden resident and community leader focused on children and youth. WFP valued her strong commitment to expand opportunity across the city and to LGBTQ rights. 

City Council, Area 3 Krystle Blake




In Middletown, WFP has endorsed Common Council candidates Bobby Knoll Peterson, Darnell Ford, Ed Mckeon, and Eugene Nocera, and Shanay Fulton for the Planning and Zoning Commission. In our endorsement, we valued their willingness to support progressive economic ideas like fair taxation and budget solutions that are sustainable and provide every family an equal opportunity to thrive.

“We are proud to support Ben Florsheim on this election,” says Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the Working Families Party. “Florsheim has a clear vision for Middletown that combines smart economic development, investing in education, improving sustainability practices, and making government more inclusive and responsive, all over a social, racial, and economic justice lens.”

Mayor Ben Florsheim
Common Council Bobby Knoll Peterson, Darnell Ford, Ed Mckeon, and Eugene Nocera
Planning and Zoning Commission Shanay Fulton

New Britain

The WFP has endorsed Christopher Porcher for Mayor of New Britain as part of a series of endorsements including candidates for the Board of Education and the Board of Alders. WFP valued Porcher’s commitment to expanding educational opportunity, changing the narrative in New Britain from resignation to achievement. 

“The Stewart administration has been long on talk but short on accomplishments for New Britain,” says Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the Working Families Party. “Time and time again promised investments in education or development outside downtown end up nowhere to be seen. Chris Porcher can give New Britain the leadership the city needs to ensure that economic growth is put towards opportunity, not towards more tax abatements to developers.”

The complete list of endorsed candidates follow:

Mayor Christopher Porcher
Board of Education Diane Leja
Board of Alders Chris Anderson (At Large), Emmanual Sanchez (At Large), Richard Reyes (At Large), Katie Breslin (At Large), Richard Lacourciere (Ward 1), Francisco Santiago (Ward 5)

New Haven

In New Haven, WFP endorsed seven candidates for City Clerk and the Board of Alders. 

“New Haven needs a strong administration to ensure that economic growth benefits everyone in the state, not just the wealthy few,” says Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the Working Families Party. “These candidates have shown a commitment to put the needs of residents ahead of developers and speculators, working to improve education, policing, and public services so New Haven can stay on the right track.”

The complete list of endorsed candidates follow:

Mayor Toni Harp
City Clerk Michael B. Smart
Board of Alders Eli Sabin (Ward 1), Ellen Cupo (Ward 8), Charles Decker (Ward 9), Renee Haywood (Ward 11), Jill Marks (Ward 28), Evette Hamilton (Ward 24)



Additionally, WFP endorsed incumbent Mayor Toni Harp on August 23rd. She has not decided if she will run in the general election.

New London

The WFP has endorsed incumbent Michael Passero for Mayor of New London, as well as six candidates for City Council and Board of Education. WFP valued Mayor Passero’s strong commitment to smart economic development, giving new life to New London while keeping working families at the center of his policies. 

“With this endorsement, WFP wants to recognize Mayor Passero’s vision of a city that puts working families first,” says Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the Working Families Party. “As Mayor, he has embraced green economic development, expanding access to affordable housing, and smart economic development. New London is moving forward, and Passero is the right person to continue leading it to success.”   

The complete list of endorsed candidates follow:

Mayor Michael Passero
Board of Education Jeffrey Hart, Regina Mosley
City Council Reona Dyess, Kevin Booker Jr., James Burke






In Norwalk, WFP has endorsed incumbent Harry Rilling for Mayor, as well as candidates for Board of Education, Common Council, Common Council at Large, and for Taxing District Commissioner. In endorsing Rilling, WFP valued his strong track record of equitable, inclusive economic development, including extensive projects geared to bring new life to low-income neighborhoods across the city.

“Mayor Rilling has shown how progressive leaders can make a difference at the local level by offering an open and accessible government that is both financially responsible and willing to put equity first,” says Lindsay Farrel. “Norwalk has seen increased funding in education, a severe drop in crime rates, paired with solid economic growth. Mayor Rilling is an example of how to get things done in a way that benefits everyone in the city, not just wealthy developers.”

Mayor Harry Rilling
Third Taxing District
Michele Sweeney
Board of Education  Godfrey Azima (District A), Diana Carpio (District C), Erica DePalma (District D)
Common Council Kadeem Roberts (District A), David Heuvelman (District A), Darlene Young (District B), John Kydes (District C), George Theodoridis (District C), George Tsiranides (District D), James Page (District D), John Thomas Livingston (District E), Lisa Shanahan (District E).
Common Council at Large Barbara Smyth, Colin Hosten, Greg Burnett Sr., Manny Langella, Nicholas Sacchinelli





West Hartford

In West Hartford, WFP has endorsed Janée Woods-Weber for Town Council. A committed community leader, activist, and WFP member, she will be running as a WFP-only candidate. In our endorsement, we valued her willingness to speak up and challenge economic and racial inequality and to give voice to those disenfranchised. 

“West Hartford is a town that is proud of its diversity, but  needs elected officials that are willing to speak up against racial disparities forcefully and decisively, “says Lindsay Farrell. “ Janée Woods-Weber understand the systemic barriers to prosperity that are at the root of disparities in Connecticut. We are proud to endorse her for Town Council.”

Town Council Janée Woods-Weber 





The Connecticut Working Families Party is a grassroots political organization that fights for economic and racial justice. The National Party has chapters in a dozen states and membership across all 50 states. The WFP is training and electing the next generation of progressive leaders to office, and fighting for and winning public policies that make a difference in the lives of working people, from raising the minimum wage to increasing funding for public education, to combating climate change, to reforming policing practices and diminishing the influence of big money in politics.