Minimum Wage increase will have an immediate positive impact on CT Workers

Carlos Moreno, Deputy Director of the Working Families Organization, released the following statement today about the increase of the Connecticut minimum wage increase going into effect on October 1, 2019

Carlos Moreno, Connecticut Working Families Organization:

“Today, Connecticut takes a small step forward toward a more fair and just economy that all workers deserve. Hundreds of thousands of low wage workers living paycheck to paycheck will see some relief on their next pay stubs. The minimum wage increase taking effect this week will make a direct, immediate difference in their lives, but the reality is that no single reform can address our state’s rampant economic inequality until we make our tax structure more equitable. 

The level of income inequality in our state is among the worst in the nation. Low wage labor is being exploited by large, profitable corporations that pocket billions while workers are denied healthcare, wage increases, and a voice in their schedules. And despite the rhetoric made during the federal tax cuts, workers have not received any raises or benefits. 

Public policy needs to catch up with the realities of Connecticut’s economy. Raising the minimum wage is an important step in the right direction, but a lot of work remains ahead to ensure that Connecticut has an economy where everyone can thrive, not just a wealthy few.