W&L: The Spoiled Milk Philosophy


Philadelphia Inquirer: Thoughtful, well-substantiated take by the Editorial Board, “New Jersey’s Corporate Welfare State Must End.

“In Camden… companies like Subaru of America and the Philadelphia 76ers have been among those enjoying state as well as local tax breaks. The latter serve to ‘abate’ (translation: eliminate) city property taxes for as long as 10 years, thus freeing big businesses from the standard obligation borne by other local property owners, such as the people who live or own small businesses in Camden.”

So yes, while everyone in Camden (one of the poorest cities in America) pays their taxes, big, profitable businesses do not. Remind us how this will make Camden financially independent?

Storms in the EDA Board Meeting: Want to know jobs numbers? Too bad! Amazingly, the enabling legislation– the Economic Opportunity Act– provides no mechanism to force companies to comply with jobs data requests from the EDA. Board Chair Kevin Quinn on the EOA:  “Its time has passed,” Quinn said. “Its shelf life should not be extended. We’re better than this.”

So yes, when you take out spoiled milk from the fridge, sniff it, and put it back in… it’s still sour the next time you open the fridge. (It’s called the spoiled milk philosophy and it applies to more than milk and bad pieces of legislation.)

George Norcross: Brave South Jersey advocates, from the suburbs to the city, descended on Cooper Hospital yesterday, demanding the Norcross Brothers resign from the Cooper Hospital board, and calling on whistleblowers to find courage to speak out. Read our detailed letter here.

In its defense, Cooper Hospital outlined every achievement George has had since 6th grade. (Hiring Abbe Lowell for Cooper wasn’t on the list, weirdly.) We owe you an apology, George. We had you all wrong. And, congrats on that Born to Shine prize from seven years ago!!

Environmental groups and Student Activists: Congrats on getting the Meadowlands power plant project stopped! Young people care about the environment, and they’ll organize for change. Politicians take note.

Brian Lehrer: “How NJ’s Political Machine Really Works”: The best explainer on the tax credit scandal yet.

Merriam-WebsterWord of the day: Corruptionist: “One who practices or defends corruption especially in politics.” We realize this was Trump shade, but we appreciate new words that can also be used in Jersey.

Wrestlemania: Did we really give WrestleMania a $3 Million tax incentive for a one-time event at MetLife Stadium? With no spillover or multiplier effects? Not close to the scale as the $11 Billion from the Christie era, but still, makes us wonder: Do tax incentives really make sense at all?

Bramnick: When will Republicans learn, you’re not supposed to say the (anti-immigration/bigoted/misogynistic/victim-blamingpart out loud? Appalling.

People who still think millionaire migration is a thing: Look at how many celebrities live here!
NJ Republicans: Sweeney is stealing your thunder! In a state that doesn’t like Christie OR Trump, and has Democrats taking your bread and butter anti-worker, anti-teacher, pro-trickle-down economics ALEC  legislation… What’s an opposition party to do?

Alec Baldwin: Even more embarrassing than fundraising for the South Jersey Democrats, is Baldwin’s anti-Jersey tirade this week.