W&L: The Endangered Species of South Jersey

Congratulations to all victorious candidates on Tuesday!

We hope you serve the interests not just of your County Chairs but the very people who entrusted you with their vote this week, who expect honest and ethical representation.

And this point leads us to start this week with a somber announcement.  It’s a serious matter.  And it involves an endangered species.
Species: The Norcross Democrat

Origin: Camden County circa 1990s

Extinction Threat: (Political) Climate Change
The Norcross Democrat was once a fierce creature whose population migrated to Trenton and created their own impressive ecosystem, although it was tarnished by overconsumption. They mated with a formidable beach-laying species in 2010 and spread all throughout New Jersey in the past decade.

But, sadly, as of Tuesday, the Norcross Democrat is now completely extinct in all of Cape May County and almost all of Cumberland county for the first time in 18 yearsIn a shocking development, the creatures came within a whisker of becoming extinct in all of Atlantic County on Tuesday as well. Mr. Norcross’s heroic efforts to loan $600,000 of his own money to try to captivate and spread the Norcross population throughout all of Burlington County also failed.

And in a particularly alarming development, the Norcross Democrat conservation movement even took a hit on Tuesday with a setback in its place of origin: Camden City.

The species is very fragile, and in a dangerous state right now given their obliviousness to climate change and other threats. We urge you not to harm or harass these low-population, imperiled creatures.

In fact, biologists predict that a related strain of Norcross Democrats who migrated to Washington may be at risk of extinction as early as June 2020. And the entire Norcross Democrat population will almost certainly be at risk by June 2021.

Remember: once they’re gone, they may be gone forever.
The Democratic Party:  Kentucky. Pennsylvania. Virginia. AND New Jersey (mostly). We didn’t run up the score but had some incredible gains in Somerset for the first time in a half century; great wins in Hamilton and Dover too! So Senate President Sweeney that’s a loss, chief? Is New Jersey really worse off without your friends who might vote for Donald Trump? Are we losing sleep because Dem candidates who were too terrified to even have an iPhone picture taken with a progressive Governor didn’t win?  Is Assembly leadership worse off without two Caucus members who won’t vote for Democratic initiatives?

Tuesday’s biggest takeaway: Democrats should not act like Republicans! That lane is taken already! Jersey is a state that rewards guts. Let’s see what ya got, NJ Dems!

Bergen and Mercer: Congratulations not only for impressive Election Day victories at the the legislative, county and local levels in Bergen and Mercer but also to Democratic Chairs Paul Juliano and Janice Mironov for (finally) endorsing John Currie for re-election as State Chair against a hostile takeover of our State Party.

The State Chair exclusively makes Redistricting picks, so this whole Chair fight thing is about money, greed, and power and nothing else. Certainly not about Democratic ideals.

NJTV: It was refreshing to see your in-studio pundits for election coverage this year were the highly respected Patrick Murray and NJ Spotlight’s Colleen O’Dea instead of internet trolls.

Shout out also to New Jersey Globe and InsiderNJ for their extensive and impressive coverage of state and local elections this year.  Thank you!

Al Capone and Joe Pesci: So Al Capone’s South Jersey mansion is on the market for $1.75 million. And Joe Pesci just listed his Ocean County house for over $6 million. Some would say crime pays in Jersey. Others would say even mobsters end up having to downsize.


Whomever Decided to Replace Shavonda Sumter: This was unnecessary.  Weren’t there white males who also supported the Millionaires tax who didn’t lose chairs or assignments? And why should an Assembly Democrat be punished for being a Democrat? We know the conference leader position is ceremonial but we will be keeping a close eye on whether this signals a Steve Sweeney-like shift to the Right in the Assembly. After all, if Middlesex finally acts free from George, it means the dwindling South alliances are Joe D, Monmouth and Union. That’s it.

Jamel Holley: Speaking of Ray Lesniak’s home county, we got a blast email in our inbox Thursday from an obscure Assemblyman blaming Governor Murphy because he “helped Republicans win.”  Hm. How about picking up the phone and calling your close Norcross allies and ask them why didn’t the General Majority PAC invest in LD 21 in Union? Or 25? or 39? Perhaps it’s all that time George we hear spends on the golf course with Mr. Bramnick and other Republicans?  We are all for the mass email strategy, but we’re not buying this narrative.

Roger Stone: Good luck with your criminal trial that started this week.  We are not sure it is off to such a good start.

Airbnb and Bob Sommer: A referendum to restrict short-term rentals in Jersey City passed with 7 out of 10 residents giving an enormous win to Mayor Steve Fulop in a race that attracted more than $5 million in spending. According to the New Jersey Globe “Robert Sommer, a public relations consultant who had a nasty breakup with Fulop and others even before the collapse of the mayor’s 2017 gubernatorial campaign, was hired early on to work for Airbnb.  He may have waited too long to forge a real campaign to blunt the referendum at the start.” Sommer is also a very close George Norcross PR consultant, so let’s hope for a more prosperous 2020 for Bob.