Progressive leaders win in Hartford, Middletown, New London, Danbury

The Connecticut Working Families Party scored significant victories in races across the state, as progressive leaders continued to expand its footprint across Connecticut. In many jurisdictions WFP candidates focused on issues that directly impact workers in their towns, fighting for equitable education, accountable government, and policies that embrace diversity and protect civil rights.

In Hartford, we retained two out of three of the City Council seats, as candidates faced a well-financed challenge by an incumbent Democrat who formed his own party after losing the town committee nomination. WFP-endorsed mayoral candidates won in Middletown, New London, and Norwalk. In addition, WFP candidates made significant inroads down-ballot in Danbury and Middletown

This year, CTWFP activists and volunteers turned up in a big way, knocking on doors and making calls across the state. We took on harder races, accepting risk as necessary for growth. We did so because we want to bring new voices to local politics, with WFP candidates recruiting new members and volunteers. These efforts lead to the record-level turnout in Danbury that was critical in our success flipping four City Council seats, despite falling short in winning the Mayoral race. Even without winning their races, WFP candidates in Hamden and West Hartford were very successful in both shifting the conversation towards education equity, police accountability, and racial justice, community investment, and greatly expanding the reach and depth of our membership and organizing.  

The Connecticut Working Families Party wants to thank all WFP candidates for his deep commitment to the residents of their communities and to progressive values. They all ran a campaign they can be proud of. 

During the campaigns, WFP candidates put forward a clear agenda to advance economic, social, and racial justice in cities and towns across the state. They had the courage to stand up against entrenched major party political machines and speak truth to power, demanding accountability and fighting for social justice every step of the way.

After this election, many cities and towns in Connecticut will be more inclusive and more progressive – a place where the needs of all residents, of working families, are front and center. Where we fell short, we are confident that the efforts of our candidates, volunteers, and organizers have planted the seeds to bigger progressive victories down the road, and communities that work for all of us, whether white, black, or brown — not just out of town developers or greedy corporate interests.