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What if we told you that you could get a brand new WFP sticker AND help us hit our single biggest fundraising goal of the year — at the same time.

All you have to do is donate ANY amount using this link before December 31st — even $1 (though chipping in a bit more helps us cover all the costs) — and we’ll ship our latest TAX THE R1%CH bumper sticker your way. Then all you need to do is put it on a laptop, a notebook, or your Trump-supporting aunt’s car.

WFP Tax THE R1%CH sticker

There are only 607 billionaires in the entire United States. Combined, these 607 people have a net worth of $3.1 trillion. That’s not just ridiculous, it’s also dangerous.

The good news is that 74% of Americans now support a 2% wealth tax on the super-wealthy. And from the race for president all the way down the ballot, we’re seeing a growing wave of candidates who are willing to take the fight directly to the billionaire class and stand together with working families across our differences.

Here at WFP, we do everything in our power to identify and support those candidates — whether it’s for city council, the Mayor’s office, or U.S. Senate. And the money we raise from emails like this one is a big part how we’ll elect even more of them next year.

So not only will you get the perfect sticker to rile up any right-wing family members, but you’ll also be supporting the important work that the Working Families Party does. Just donate any amount on this page before December 31st and claim your union-made sticker now.

Our hope is that, once the new year starts, we’ll see these stickers on car bumpers, laptops, and across the country. And that we’ll continue to see this movement take hold.

In solidarity,

Team WFP

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