Vote for who you want to replace Jack Evans!

It’s about time!

The DC Council has taken their first step towards removing Jack Evans from office with a unanimous vote to expel him from the Council. Their next and final vote is expected to happen later this year, where after months of grassroots pressure and breaking news uncovering even more scandal, he will finally be forced to give up his seat.

No matter the office, from White House resident Trump, to Councilmember Evans, we deserve a government free of corruption and abuse of power. That’s why the race to replace Evans is so important. It’s our opportunity to elect someone who will fight for the everyday people who live and work here, not their rich and powerful friends and business buddies.

Voters in Ward 2 are going to have a big choice to make and so we’re asking you, to help us choose who we endorse in the race to replace Jack.

Six candidates are running in the Democratic primary. They are, John Fanning, Jordan Grossman, Daniel Hernandez, Patrick Kennedy, Kishan Putta and Yilin Zhang.

If you know who you support, and are not currently a supporter, please email to receive a ballot.

If you want to learn more about them, read their candidate questionnaires by clicking here.

We need you to cast your vote to decide who we endorse! The voting period runs from December 4th through December 17, 11:59 pm, the day the Council is expected to take their second and final vote to expel Evans.

This is how the vote will work:

1Our Ward 2 endorsement vote will be conducted using ranked-choice polling.

Here’s how ranked-choice polling works: Instead of just casting one vote for their favorite candidate, everyone who votes will be able to rank their candidate preferences from first to last. If no one’s first choice gets more than fifty percent of the combined vote of WFP supporters, the bottom-ranked candidate will be eliminated and their votes re-allocated to those voters’ second choice. This process will continue until one of the candidates crosses the 50 percent threshold and wins. To view our full voter guide, click here.

2. The final decision will be tallied by 100% supporter polling.

We have updated our endorsement process for the Ward 2 race to give our supporters 100% of the vote; originally it had been 50% supporters, 50% leadership. Supporters are anyone who is signed up to our public mailing list, representatives from our allied progressive organizations and dues-paying members. If you have been forwarded the poll, and are NOT a current supporter, sign up here.

3. Candidate Questionnaire Responses Are Live. Since we launched our endorsement process, candidates had the opportunity to submit responses to our questionnaire. The responses are in and we have gained new insight on the values and priorities for these candidates, and make them available to you and the overall public. Please review candidate responses here.

4. Results announcement. We will share the news of our endorsement at or before our January 8 membership meeting. This is your opportunity to meet other WFP supporters like yourself and set a plan for building the multi-racial left progressive party that we deserve. RSVP here.

Now it’s time for the main event: the endorsement poll!

The Working Families Party is made up of people like you across the District. We need all of your voices to help us decide how best to fight for our values, usher in an era of transformative change, and make sure working people stay united and don’t allow the billionaire class to divide us.

If you know who you support, and are not currently a supporter, please email to receive a ballot

Any questions? Contact us at, and an organizer will be in touch.