We’re endorsing Jordan Grossman for Ward 2 Councilmember!

The House of Representatives voted earlier this week to impeach Donald Trump and we’re expecting the DC Council to vote to expel Trump’s favorite member of the DC Council, Jack Evans. Even with these historic actions, we know that real change won’t come until we vote in their replacements.

That’s why we’re so proud to endorse Jordan Grossman in the Democratic Primary for Ward 2 Councilmember. Before the council even considered taking action against Jack Evans, he launched a progressive grassroots campaign to put power back in the hands of everyday people because, unlike the incumbent, he’s not for sale.

We believe that no matter the office, we deserve a government free of corruption and abuse of power. At every level, the outcome of the 2020 election is going to be critical, and right here in the District, the outcomes could be the difference between winning affordable child care, strengthening rent control, raising wages for workers and prioritizing transit options. That’s why we need to organize and support progressive leaders who will fight for everyday working people, not their rich and powerful friends.

We’re excited to back Jordan because we know he will fight for a government that will work for everyday residents, not just those that can cut big checks.

We win when we fight together. Contribute at least $10/mo or $120/year to be a member and help us build independent political power in DC!