WFP endorses Brian Smith in 48th district special election

HARTFORD- The Connecticut Working Families Party (WFP) is endorsing Brian Smith for State Representative in the January 14 special election in the 48th district. The election will fill the seat vacated by the late State Representative Linda Orange and covers all or part of the communities of Colchester, Lebanon, Mansfield, and Windham.

Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of WFP, released the following statement:

“The Connecticut Working Families Party is proud to endorse Brian Smith for State Representative.

Brian knows first hand how working families need a state government that makes fair economic development a priority, without leaving communities in Eastern Connecticut behind. He’s worked as a bartender, machinist, paralegal, and corporate executive; as well as an entrepreneur and a small business owner. He knows the importance of lowering health care costs and improving the quality of our schools. And he understands that what makes our communities special — the quality of life, the character of our towns, is what makes Connecticut a unique place for families to live and thrive.

Brian is a long-time Colchester resident and respected community leader, serving in a variety of local positions and civic roles. He is passionate about what makes Colchester special, working to restore historic homes, opening a B&B, serving in the Historical Society, and as a member of the Land Trust.

We know Brian will have big shoes to fill. Representative Linda Orange was one of the most respected, passionate, and effective leaders in the General Assembly. A staunch progressive, she was the kind of legislator that could truly fill a room with her presence. We believe that Brian has the right experience, temperament, and values to live up to the challenge of filling her seat. “

Brian Smith, candidate for State Representative, 48th district, released the following statement:

“The Working Families Party endorsement highlights my commitment to fight for the working families in Mansfield, Windham, Lebanon, and Colchester, through improving education, lowering health care costs while ensuring everyone gets the coverage they need, and bringing balanced economic development to our communities.

I am honored to receive the WFP endorsement and will work hard to ensure that working families in the 48th district have a voice they can count on at the Capitol.”

The Working Families Party endorsement comes with strategic campaign support and candidate training. All candidates who seek the endorsement are carefully vetted to ensure that they reflect the values of Working Families Party members. Candidates earn the endorsement by affirming their commitment to fight for economic justice, tax fairness, workers’ rights, affordable healthcare, a clean environment, strong public education, and immigration reform.