These are our demands to respond to the COVID-19 crisis

We call on federal, state, and local leaders to:

Immediately Improve Our Public Health Infrastructure

  • Provide cost-free healthcare to everyone immediately
  • Make sure testing and treatment for COVID-19 are widely available
  • Guarantee paid sick leave for all to ensure that people don’t have to choose between going to work sick and keeping a paycheck
  • Guarantee paid family and medical leave for those who are caring for those who are sick

Protect the Most Vulnerable

  • Impose a moratorium on deportations, evictions, foreclosures,
    and utility shut offs, which force people into desperate situations and
    force people to relocate in contrast to the best public health advice
    which is to simply remain at home
  • Eliminate work requirements for food stamps and other assistance
  • Release all people being confined pre-trial on nonviolent
    offenses to prevent the spread of the virus among a vulnerable
    population confined to close quarters

Prevent a Catastrophic Recession

  • Pass one trillion dollar federal investment package targeted towards working people, small businesses, and state and local services, not to financial institutions
  • Provide immediate and direct cash aid to working families to help them stay afloat
  • Cancel student debt now through executive order
  • Enact a tax on extreme wealth to pay for all of the above

Defend Democracy

  • Provide nationwide emergency vote by mail, online voting,
    automatic voter registration, and other measures to make sure people can
    vote in the midst of a pandemic instead of postponing or cancelling
  • Waive petitioning requirements for political campaigns, so that
    canvassers don’t have to go knocking on doors to get their candidate on
    the ballot

Make our Country More Resilient for This Crisis and the Next

  • Pass legislation to guarantee jobs to all displaced workers and
    employ millions to transform our economy towards renewable energies that
    stabilize both our nation and our climate as outlined under the Green
    New Deal,
  • A Medicare for All single-payer healthcare system that guarantees high-quality healthcare to all Americans as a right, and
  • Cancel student debt

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