Help New Mexico Working Families Promote Fusion Voting!

We need fusion voting to provide more options on New Mexico’s ballot!

With so much going on in our country, we realize that elections are not at the top of people’s minds.  However, we believe this crisis was a result of failed leadership and a broken democracy. To fix it, we need bold, progressive solutions outside the current two-party dynamic. The New Mexico Working Families Party– our progressive grassroots multiracial organization– is working hard to qualify as a minor political party in New Mexico. Before the Stay-in-Place order, New Mexicans all over the state signed our petition to qualify and create more options on the ballot this November.   We need your help to change the current system and give voters more options!

Will you sign our petition?

Watch a quick video showing how easy it is to sign!

Step 1: Check your current registration status at (find my Registration & Election Information)

Step 2: Print the petition form here

Step 3: Sign your full name as it appears on your voter registration, print your full name, write your full address as it appears on your voter registration, and print the County of your registration (i.e. Valencia County)

Step 4: Mail the signed and completed petition form to New Mexico Working Families Party, 1123 Kent Avenue NW, Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87102

If you would like the petition sent to you with a postage paid envelope, please submit the form here.

Why do we need another party?

We need to bring our political discussions and decisions back to what working families need and deserve, especially in these difficult times. The New Mexico Working Families Party is not a “spoiler” party or a protest vote.  We represent the core progressive values that are at the heart of the Democratic party, before it was heavily influenced by corporate interests and well-connected insiders. Establishing a new minor party status will help push the Democratic party back to its core values by fighting for fusion voting.

What is fusion voting?

Fusion voting is used in several states where multiple political parties can endorse the same candidate on the general election ballot.  Many folks around the country are supporters of WFP and are registered to vote as Democrats, Independents, and even some reasonable Republicans. Registering as a political party is important to building the movement we need to shift power from the wealthy and well-connected back to working people.  With fusion voting many people who feel they aren’t currently represented at the ballot box may decide that voting under a minor party that best reflects their values is the best way to exercise their values.

Have questions? Please email JD Mathews at