CT WFP releases endorsement questionnaire for candidates

Connecticut Working Families Party (WFP) has released its questionnaire legislative for candidates seeking their endorsement for the 2020 elections. The questionnaire asks candidates to define their policy positions on the environment, taxes, health care, voting reform, education, worker and immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, and other progressive policy priorities. 

“Today, America faces intersecting crisis on multiple fronts. Our streets are filled with protesters no longer willing to accept state violence and who recognize that substantive change, not small tweaks around the edges, are what Black people and those oppressed in this country need. The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the stark impact that economic, social, and racial disparities have in our state,” says Lindsay Farrell, Connecticut Working Families Party Director. “Economic recovery cannot represent just a return to the old normal.  There is no question in our mind that state leaders must be ready to step up and address the deep structural problems that created these disparities. We want to endorse candidates that have a clear vision and commitment to social, economic, and racial justice, who will tackle the challenges Connecticut is facing head on.”

The candidate questionnaire is available here. The application deadlines are July 1, 2020 for primary candidates and August 15 for candidates only seeking support in the general election. 

The questionnaire is open to all candidates for legislative office who want to appear on the ballot on the Working Families Party line. WFP-endorsed candidates in the primary and general elections appear under the WFP line on the ballot. The party offers its endorsed candidates with volunteer recruitment, training, communications, and organizational support before and during the campaign. 

Party officials and members will review the responses to the questionnaires and conduct interviews with applicants, where local WFP members will be able to ask questions to the candidates and participate in the endorsement process. The Working Families Party state committee will make formal endorsements, following the feedback and recommendations of staff and party members. WFP endorsed 107 candidates for office in the 2018 general election between state-wide, congressional, and legislative positions.

“This crisis has made very clear how much leadership truly matters,” says Farrell. “Decades of anti-government ideology have left us utterly unprepared for the current epidemic, and leaves us even more exposed to the imminent climate crisis. We have seen the impact that the grotesque levels of income inequality had in this crisis, with workers of color suffering the most. We fully intend, with this endorsement process, to ensure that any candidate that receives our support fully understands the challenges ahead, and is willing to tackle them head on.”

To become a CT WFP member and be part of the endorsement process, click on the link below: