NY: Vote WFP on June 23rd

New Yorkers are reeling right now.

We’re reeling from being the epicenter of a global pandemic.

From violence at the hands of an unaccountable, racist police force.

From massive unemployment and the defunding of our communities.

And from too many of our leaders who take care of their billionaire donors but are failing the working people they were elected to serve.

Now more than ever, we need to elect Working Families Party champions who won’t be afraid to take up this fight for all of us.

Watch our new video featuring some of our 2020 NYWFP champions — then join other WFP supporters across the state to help us get out the vote leading up to the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 23rd!

We don’t have to remind you just how much is at stake this year.

Here’s everything else you need in order to vote safely in the New York Democratic Primary this year, if you’re a registered Democratic voter:

Please sign up here to help us get out the vote for WFP candidates! Then share this message with your friends and family.

In solidarity,