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The two-party system in the United States is a maze of rules and power players that seem determined to keep our movements for liberation at bay.

But throughout our history, third party movements have shaken this system to its foundations.

Whether it was the Free Soil Party agitating for abolition, the Socialist Party giving political voice to the labor movement of the early 20th century, or the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party banging down the doors of a segregated Democratic Party in the 1960’s — these movements changed America.

The Working Families Party is building a political home for those who see bigotry, bailouts, and business as usual in our political system and ask “is that the best we can do?”

If you want to learn more, please RSVP for an upcoming WFP Welcome Gathering to find out how you can get involved in the movement we are building together.

Cynics would have us believe that third parties are a fool’s errand. But for over 20 years, the WFP has time and again proved those nay-sayers wrong. We are building a political party, and we have a plan to win.

You might call it a three-step plan to “hack” the two party system. It goes like this:

1. Recruit, train, and develop our own candidates for office. People who come from the base of community organizations and unions — and who will fight hard for our values if elected. Then train our members with the skills to run and win elections. That way, we begin to take on many of the functions of local party committees, but made with people who are part of our movements.

2. Run our candidates where they have the best chance of winning and building power. Often, that means inside Democratic Party primaries. Sometimes, we field candidates in non-partisan races. And other times, where the conditions allow, we run as outright third-party WFP candidates — and win. The WFP has done this up and down the ballot for years. We often win — but even when we lose, we never stop learning, organizing, and fighting harder.

3, All the while, build a base of long-term committed activists so that, win or lose, we are building the strength of our movement. We will never be able to win if we play by someone else’s rules. Building a party of multi-racial, working-class members and leaders will unlock the power we need to change America.

This is the fight of our lives. This is a fight for our lives. We welcome you in it.

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WFP Welcome Gatherings are for everyone. Whether you are new to politics or a long time political organizer, we need you to help build this political home! Join us!