Amy Kennedy wins. That’s a huge deal.

Can you imagine if you had the power to:

You still lose?!

Seems pretty clear to us: Steve Sweeney and George Norcross are weaker than they’ve been since some of us were in middle school.

We already knew that they were personally weak. They surround themselves with toxic male sidekicks and Trump attorneys. They don’t seem to be interested in a whole lot of intellectual curiosity- they routinely prefer nodders to thinkers.  

We already knew that they were morally weak. They steered hundreds of millions to politically connected businesses under the cover story of “Camden Rising;” they attempt to demonize public employees, they block the millionaires tax and corporate welfare reform, they water down the minimum wage, and recycle Fox News talking points on the pandemic. And they are still pals with Chris Christie!

Now, and this really has to sting– it is clear to New Jersey that the once-mighty duo of Norcross & Sweeney are politically weak. Finally. 

This setback is not isolated at all. FBI wiretaps. Grand juries. On the sidelines in the State Chair compromise. Losing key legislative elections in LD1 and 8. Losing Camden school board seats and Collingswood committee seats. Shrinking support in the Senate Caucus. Losing the Assembly on the budget bonding issue. Failing to recruit senators to a sham Benghazi Commission to “investigate” NJ’s response to the pandemic, at the same time being wayyy on the wrong side of the Pandemic plan. (Sweeney wants to open the gyms? Nah, just buy a jumprope and text Barry!) 

You heard it here first: Steve Sweeney will not return as Senate President. And George Norcross should set sail on his yacht as fast as the winds blow, over to the Cayman Islands, his kinda paradise, where taxes are optional. All Empires crumble.  

Congratulations to the young and fierce Amy Kennedy for beating the vaunted machine, congratulations to Governor Murphy for having the guts to endorse in the race while giving a speech wearing palm trees and sea turtles, and congratulations to all advocates who want to #TakeBackNJ from the grips of detestable figures like Norcross and Sweeney – a conservative duo who has spent a lifetime blocking progressive change in NJ.

Last night was our night.

On to November!

…And the filing deadlines for legislative and mayoral races 5 months later.