Appellate Court Slaps Down Norcross Attack on EDA Task Force

A three-judge panel in New Jersey’s Appellate Division struck a decisive blow for good government, ruling unanimously today that Governor Murphy’s task force investigating the state Economic Development Authority and New Jersey’s broken tax incentive system can move forward.

While the rest of the state has been focusing on New Jersey’s response to the global pandemic, attorneys for George Norcross and his allies have been fighting a legal battle seeking to dismantle an investigation that is causing serious problems for the South Jersey political machine.

Its first bombshell report raised serious questions about the applications Norcross-connected entities submitted for hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of state tax incentives, and the South Jersey political machine threw every legal tool at its disposal to try to shut down the panel’s work.

Yet in a comprehensive 28-page decision issued today, three appellate judges definitively rejected the Norcross arguments.

You can read the full opinion here, but suffice it to say that the judges provided yet the latest legal defeat to a machine that is flailing.

“George Norcross and his personal attorney, Bill Tambussi, are once again being held to account by an independent judiciary intent on following the law.” New Jersey Working Families State Director Sue Altman said. “They unsuccessfully tried to kill this investigation last year in Mercer County and lost there, too. In a time of unprecedented fiscal crisis, we await the task force’s final report and support any efforts to claw back tax breaks that were issued under false pretenses.”

Oh, and we’d be remiss to mention that there’s only one Democratic candidate who has dismissed the task force’s work from the very beginning, and that would be none other than former Chris Christie-loving turned fake progressive Brigid Harrison.

“This ruling could be the start of a terrible, awful, really bad week for the conservative South Jersey Democrat machine,” added Altman. “If Amy Kennedy and the slate of insurgent Cumberland County Freeholders win their races on Tuesday, this will be another sign we are nearing the end for Norcross controlled politics in the state. Progressives are hopeful — this is more evidence the tide is changing for good.”