Delaware WFP Endorsed Candidate Larry Lambert Lead Effort To Get Tests In 7th District

The Working Families Party is investing in Delaware down-ballot races to bring its insurgent progressive movement to Delaware. Many of our incredible candidates have been on the frontlines helping their communities for years. 

Larry Lambert is one of them. He’s running for Delaware State House in the 7th District, where he is a community leader and proud lifelong resident. His record of service has been recognized by Senator Joe Biden in front of the U.S. Congress, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and in a News Journal feature detailing his volunteer work in the 7th District.

As co-chair of Delaware’s Living Wage Coalition, he’s worked with lawmakers statewide to advocate to increase the current minimum wage to a livable wage. As Delaware battles the COVID pandemic, he’s been organizing to ensure tests are available to anyone in need. 

Back in late June, neighbors were concerned that we didn’t have enough COVID-19 testing in our District, and many people didn’t know their COVID-19 status. I reached out to the New Castle County Government to see if any upcoming testing was scheduled for our District. There were none. I reached out to various individuals in the NCC Govt, including NCC Executive, Matt Meyers. Within four days, our 7th District had a testing site scheduled. 

I’m super grateful to NCC Govt and NCC Executive Meyers for working with us to bring COVID-19 testing back to our 7th District! Testing is an essential component in overcoming COVID-19 and moving us towards normalcy. Seven hundred seventy-four neighbors got tested! 

That is the second-largest turnout for any NCC Govt testing site! If you or your family are facing hardships or need assistance during the pandemic, please contact us so that we can connect you to resources.” said Larry Lambert, candidate for Delaware State House, District 7.

For the first time, the Working Families Party is committing resources and decades of political campaign knowledge to support Delaware down-ballot and U.S. Senate races. They hope to bring the insurgent progressive movement that has flipped seats across the nation to Delaware. The state Democratic primary is September 15th.

To donate to Larry’s campaign, click here.