Winners and Losers: What a Week!

What a week in Jersey! Amy Kennedy’s stunning and hard-earned victory. A refreshing reminder (via loss in court) that Norcross v. Murphy was a thing. (Way to keep it in the news, boys!) Yet another incredible EDA Task Force report, where corporate shenanigans, all designed to take money from the public coffers- are exposed to public view.

Reminded us of 2019… with masks and electoral wins!


Amy Kennedy: As of Saturday, Amy is leading Machine-backed Brigid Harrison by 40 points. Not a typo: 40 points. That’s a trouncing in hoops and elections! The Philadelphia Inquirer did a nice write up of Amy, her family and her South Jersey roots here. We are hearing some South Jersey politicians begin to whisper whether blind allegiance to George Norcross and his agenda in today’s world is not really fashionable, or useful politically. Oh the cracks are widening!

Bonnie Watson Coleman: Another blowout win for BWC! Why isn’t the Congresswoman on Joe Biden’s VP list? We’re so here for that.

Phil Murphy, Tammy Murphy and Sheila Oliver: Just in time for casinos re-opening (!), The Murphys made a big bet on Team Kennedy and it paid off big time. With no risk to public health!

Matt Friedman: This might be our favorite story of the year. It pretty much covers it! Also strong analysis from the Philly Inquirer, Charlie Stile, Alan Steinberg, the Huffington Post, New York Times and Washington Post. We will have to wait and see whether Norcross and Julie Roginsky try to race to the Star Ledger opinion page with a story about how this trouncing wasn’t really meaningful (?) — to try to save whatever face is left in the wake of multiple defeats.

All Vote by Mail Elections: Let’s keep a close eye on disgruntled Machine types who usually are all about VBM. but weren’t thrilled about a little… shall we say, “too much” democracy on Tuesday.

Ron Chen and Jim Walden: On behalf of New Jersey taxpayers and good government advocates, thank you. But seriously, at long last, where is law enforcement?

Cumberland County Off-The-Line Freeholder Candidate Donna Pearson: A very close race in Cumberland for NJ’s favorite high-dollar, low-oversight position. Working Families Endorsed Donna Pearson, a community organizer and advocate, is currently in the mix to win a major upset! And the rest of the other off-the-line candidates are close. More evidence times are changing in South Jersey!!!


Cory Booker, Bob Menendez and Josh Gottheimer: South Jersey voters read their George Norcross/Brigid Harrison endorsement and basically said “thanks, that’s ok, we think we like Phil Murphy’s candidate a little bit better…. and by a little bit, we mean by a 63 to 23 margin.” Did you know Amy Kennedy received more votes in Atlantic County than Senate Booker did? Come back to Progressiveland Cory, we miss you!

New Jersey Political Junkies: The legendary Michael Aron semi-retires.

Freeholders: What will happen to all of their business cards?

Lawyers Trying to shut down anti-corruption investigations: In a 28 page opinion, the New Jersey Appellate Division upheld Norcross v. Murphy, handing Norcross’s legal “dream team” led by Bill Tambussi, Mike Critchley, Kevin Marino, Michael Critchley and Herb Stern yet another embarrassing defeat. Seriously, is there a mercy rule on the number of losses Tambussi can have in court this year?

“Unity”: Norcross after he wins? “We just crushed you, we own you, don’t you EVER think about running against us again, you are our subjects, now bow down, or else!”

Norcross after he loses? “Why can’t we all just get along? Peace, love, goodwill among men. Democrats shouldn’t attack fellow Democrats, I just want a unified party, we all want the same things don’t we? Raise a glass! Stop making all this noise!. Join hands, start a love train!”

Easy Decisions that Steve Sweeney Makes Hard: There is a pandemic. Revenues have crumbled. Washington has failed us. We need to borrow money to save the State. The Governor’s team recognized this right away. The Assembly saw this over a month ago. But it took Governor Murphy on Wednesday publicly calling out Steve Sweeney’s foot-dragging in order to reach a deal on Friday. It shouldn’t be this way.

Dear Freedom Fighters, please just be quiet and put your mask on when you’re around people. Nobody likes masks. Suck it up. Thank you. Love, The Rest of Society