Bon Voyage Yacht Tax, Hello USPS!

Photo, John Jones, NJ Advance Media.

It’s budget week in New Jersey! Eerily quiet so far this year, though we shall see if the Democrat Unity love parade ends when budget talks start. The Governor is enjoying unprecedented power, visibility and popularity, so, good luck playing hardball, Legislature!


Senator Elizabeth Warren: Loved the BLM Easter eggs and the kick ass speech.

Post Office Rallies: Blue Wave helped organize a tsunami of rallies across New Jersey on Friday. Great coverage of an Essex County rally, anchored by NJ 11th for Change, by NJ Advance Media. (pic above is Jack “Facts Matter” Gavin, a protest legend!)

Gov Christie Whitman: We don’t agree with most of your policies, and we’re still mad at you for swiping those pension funds.* But, a vote for Biden is a vote for democracy, so hats off to you. We wish more Jersey Republicans (and former Governors) had the guts to follow your lead.

For the Many: Make the Road spearheaded a rally at pandemic profiteer Freedom Mortgage in Marlton this week to inspire NJ to #FundTheRecovery and promote #TaxFairness.


Yacht Owners Who Can’t Just Shop in the Caymans: Thanks to Sen Vin Gopal for sponsoring the bill that will finally tax yachts again! To all those concerned about the tax status of kayaks, please refer to this helpful exchange between Bill Caruso and Seth Hahn. For those of you outraged by people who buy yachts with the spoils of fraudulent practices, check this out and be furious.

Jeff Van Drew: Our 10-year South Jersey Democratic State Senator (and soon to be one-term Republican Congressman) is representing Jersey at the RNC. Yuck. Thank goodness Amy Kennedy is running the best campaign SJ has ever seen.

Trump’s Obsession with Paterson: Yes, Jersey has more than its fair share of corrupt, shall we call them, “traditions,” but most of those takes place between lobbyists, party bosses and lawyers. And, a recent study shows NJ’s ballot design is unfair to challengers, an issue that limits the power of voters, and puts too much control in the hands of a very few. But, this Paterson nonsense? Hard NO. This is not “proof” of why VBM is fraudulent. In fact, Paterson is an example of why safeguards are working. As Matt Platkin tweeted, “Gov Murphy took necessary steps to protect that sacred and fundamental right in light of the historic pandemic we are fighting. Period.”

Scott Baio, Chris Christie and My Pillow Guy: Our hearts go out to our least favorite C-list TV celebs who didn’t make the RNC lineup this year. Bummer!

Trump: Embarrassing. There isn’t going to be a living president at an incumbent’s convention for the first time in history. Ugh. Brace yourself, America.

*Yes, the 1994 article was written by THAT Malcom Gladwell, who apparently worked for the WaPo early in his career. Reading this piece will make you want to jump in a time machine and nip terrible Republican ideas in the bud.