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NY: Vote WFP on June 23rd

New Yorkers are reeling right now. We’re reeling from being the epicenter of a global pandemic. From violence at the hands of an unaccountable, racist police force. From massive unemployment and the defunding of our communities. And from too many of our leaders who take ... More

Cuomo’s Fusion Ban

Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo’s NY State Democratic Committee doubled down on their attacks on New York progressives by voting to endorse Cuomo's ban on fusion voting.1 This is an escalation of Cuomo's attack on the Working Families Party and the entire progressive ... More

Cuomo’s Attacks on WFP

This coming Monday, Andrew Cuomo's New York State Democratic Committee is planning to vote on a proposal to support a ban on fusion voting.1 Make no mistake: This is a direct attack by Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families Party, our ... More