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Oregon 2014 Cross-Nominees

Congressional District 1 House District 24 - Ken Moore House District 25 - Chuck Lee House District 26 - Eric Squires House District 28 - Jeff Barker House District 29 - Susan McLain House District 31 - Brad Witt House District 34 - Ken Helm Senate District 11 ... More

Measure 90: Oregon Top Two Primary

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 90, Open Primaries. Currently, 49% of voters under the age of 40 are “voting with their feet” by choosing to not register with either the Democratic or Republican parties. Currently, if you are a non-affiliated voter ... More

Announcing our 2014 nominees!

This has been a huge summer for Oregon Working Families. We are now over 10,000 registered party members strong and growing! In July, we visited every congressional district in the state and met with our members to choose our nominees ... More