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W&L: Lame Ducks and Deep Fried Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, we have a special, winners-only edition of Winners and Losers.  Everyone's a winner this week! WINNERS: Saily Avelenda and the NJDSC: We love it when talent is recognized and elevated. For those ... More

W&L: Yawn! Slow News Week in Trenton.

I was mistreated for 30 seconds. Camden residents have been mistreated for 30-plus years under the Norcross regime. Enough is enough. I’m only one of thousands strong women (and men) out there who are disgusted by what is going on ... More

The political machine is scared (they should be)

Yesterday morning, I was standing in the audience as corrupt New Jersey political machine boss George Norcross was set to testify in the State Senate about charges that he has used his position to secure billions in tax breaks for himself, when ... More

W&L: Extra Special Saturday Edition!

Thanksgiving is arriving early this year! We are thankful for someone we admit we’ve been pretty hard on all year: George Norcross. Why are we thankful? Are we thankful for George’s philanthropy? (You know, moving his insurance business 12 miles ... More

W&L: The Endangered Species of South Jersey

Congratulations to all victorious candidates on Tuesday! We hope you serve the interests not just of your County Chairs but the very people who entrusted you with their vote this week, who expect honest and ethical representation. And this point ... More