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W&L: Beer, Ghosts and Netflix.

Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey, so please be sure to get out and vote!! We would like to extend best wishes to all candidates who are strong, reform minded, willing to stand up to corruption, and who reject ... More

W&L: Money on the Table

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Once again the Inky nails it! "It’s a pity that Democratic party boss George Norcross and his minions didn’t make nearly as great an effort to create jobs in Camden as they did to make the city ... More

W&L: Track Changes

WINNERS: Catherine Dunn and Andrew Seidman (with Joseph N. DiStefano, Jeremy Roebuck & Allison Steele contributing!): Who says investigative journalism isn’t what it used to be? The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday reported in extraordinary and infuriating detail on the scandal former reporter  ... More

W&L: The Spoiled Milk Philosophy

WINNERS: Philadelphia Inquirer: Thoughtful, well-substantiated take by the Editorial Board, "New Jersey's Corporate Welfare State Must End." "In Camden... companies like Subaru of America and the Philadelphia 76ers have been among those enjoying state as well as local tax breaks. ... More

W&L: Persona Non Grata

WINNERS: The Godfather: The 50th Anniversary edition of Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather is available! Nancy Solomon and Jeff Pillets: We've all suspected that awful things go on behind the scenes in Camden. We've heard the rumors, the stories. But Jeff and ... More

W&L: Good Morning AC!

WINNERS: Winner of the Week: The FBI and William McSwain, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.New York Times' Nick Corasaniti and Matthew Haag: Despite an incredibly crowded national news cycle orbiting around Trump, Ukraine and "quid ... More

W&L: Happy Birthday, EOA!

WINNERS: #JerseyRising: New Jersey unemployment is at 3.2 percent, the lowest monthly rate since state-level records began, the same year the Meadowlands opened (relevant in a minute). And after six days in India, Governor Murphy announced that 1,250 new jobs ... More