Working Families Archive : Page 6

W&L: Oh Happy State!

WINNERS: Governor Murphy's Gun Industry Takedown: We counted THREE national news TV appearances this week and a national New York Times push alert on holding banks and the gun industry accountable for the carnage occurring in New Jersey and ... More

W&L: Trenton Goes to School!

WINNERS: New Jersey Schools, #1 for the first time ever! We are normally skeptical of school rankings since they tend to lean heavily on standardized tests, but this particular ranking is great news. Sorry Red Sox fans: "New Jersey ... More

W&L: Squirmy Men in Suits!

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions this week. They can't all make the list -- but hey, ya win some, ya lose some. WINNERS: New Jersey Citizen Action: Dena Mottola-Jaborska reminds us that New Jersey’s tax incentive programs have cost ... More

W&L: Irony is Dead! Long Live Irony!

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions this week! WINNERS: Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin: We're not used to reading accounts of the speaker taking an independent stance from the senate president's agenda to advance All Things Norcross, so it was refreshing to read  ... More

W&L: The Streisand Effect

New Jersey Policy Perspective’s Louis DiPaolo this week reminded us of the “Streisand Effect,” defined as an “attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information that has the unintended consequences of publicizing the ... More