Oregon Working Families 2014  Ballot Measure Endorsements

Measure 86: Oregon Opportunity Initiative
The Oregon Opportunity Initiative would extend the state’s ability to sell bonds for human capital projects to increase its investment in public higher education. This would allow innovative programs like Pay It Forward to use bond dollars to cover the startup cost of a pilot program for Oregon. Pay It Forward aims to offer an alternative to student loans by covering the cost of tuition and fees for students in exchange for a small percentage of students’ future wages.
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Measure 88: Safe Roads
Oregon Safe Roads a common sense approach that will implement “driver cards” for undocumented Oregonians. Driver cards will help Oregon residents follow the law and improve safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians by reducing the number of uninsured and unlicensed drivers on the road. Seniors, immigrant families, and workers are among the thousands of Oregonians who need this option to safely get to work, church and school.

Vote Yes on Measure 88 
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Measure 90: Open Primaries
Currently, if you are a non-affiliated voter or a member of a minor party, you do not get to vote in partisan primary elections. Measure 90 would replace this system by sending one ballot to all voters with all candidates listed on the ballot. The top two vote getters would then advance to the general election. Measure 90 allows minor parties to make on-the-ballot endorsements of candidates in both the primary and the general elections, giving us the ability to signal which candidates will be champions of working people.
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Measure 91: Marijuana Legalization
Treating marijuana use as a crime has resulted in a drain on public resources and a huge failure for the War on Drugs. Oregon’s resources are spent on enforcement of outdated policies that disproportionately harm working-class Oregonians.  It’s time for a smarter and safer approach that will control the use of marijuana, protect children and communities and generate significant revenue for important public needs such as public safety, treatment and education.
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