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CT Working Families Party 2019 Endorsed Candidates


The Connecticut Working Families Party has released its 2019 endorsements for the Connecticut Municipal Elections

Voters can support each of them on Row C on November 5th.

Vote for them on Row C!

Bridgeport Local Candidates

City Council Cynthia Torres (District 132), Kyle Langan (District 132)
Board of Education Amina Brown, Dasha Spell, and Eric Stewart-Alicia

Danbury Local Candidates

Mayor Chris Setaro
City Clerk Andrea Gartner
City Treasurer Kate Johnson
Constable Emil Coladarci
Board of Education  Kate Conetta, Joseph DaSilva, Joseph Britton
City Council at Large  Wilson Hernandez, Helena Abrantes, Anjali Illescas, Timothy Gaburungyi, Roberto Lopes Alves
City Council Wards Dennis Perkins (Ward 1), George O’Loughlin (Ward 1), Kirsten Kovacs-Hardy (Ward 2), Elvis Novas (Ward 2), Mary Consoli (Ward 3), Carolyn Thibodeau (Ward 3), Farley Santos (Ward 4), Paul Rotello (Ward 6), Richard Molinaro (Ward 7), Fidel Hombra (Ward 7)
Zoning Commission Theodore Haddad, Ryan Hawley, Henry Hall, Sidney Almeida, Nelson Merchan Jr.







Fairfield Local Candidates

Representative Town Meeting Sharon Pistilli, Matthew Jacobs, Scott Nickel
Board of Education Jennifer Maxon-Kennelly




Hamden Town Council

Town Council at Large Laurie Sweet and Rhonda Caldwell




Hartford City Council

City Council Josh Michtom, Moise Laurent, and Wildaliz Bermudez




Meriden City Council

City Council, Area 3 Krystle Blake




Middletown Local Candidates

Mayor Ben Florsheim
Common Council Bobby Knoll Peterson, Darnell Ford, Ed Mckeon, and Eugene Nocera
Planning and Zoning Commission Shanay Fulton

New Britain Local Candidates

Mayor Christopher Porcher
Board of Education Diane Leja
Board of Alders Chris Anderson (At Large), Emmanual Sanchez (At Large), Richard Reyes (At Large), Katie Breslin (At Large), Richard Lacourciere (Ward 1), Francisco Santiago (Ward 5)

New Haven Local Candidates

Mayor Toni Harp
City Clerk Michael B. Smart
Board of Alders Eli Sabin (Ward 1), Ellen Cupo (Ward 8), Charles Decker (Ward 9), Renee Haywood (Ward 11), Jill Marks (Ward 28), Evette Hamilton (Ward 24)



New London Local Candidates

Mayor Michael Passero
Board of Education Jeffrey Hart, Regina Mosley
City Council Reona Dyess, Kevin Booker Jr., James Burke





Norwalk Local Candidates

Mayor Harry Rilling
Third Taxing District
Michele Sweeney
Board of Education  Godfrey Azima (District A), Diana Carpio (District C), Erica DePalma (District D)
Common Council Kadeem Roberts (District A), David Heuvelman (District A), Darlene Young (District B), John Kydes (District C), George Theodoridis (District C), George Tsiranides (District D), James Page (District D), John Thomas Livingston (District E), Lisa Shanahan (District E).
Common Council at Large Barbara Smyth, Colin Hosten, Greg Burnett Sr., Manny Langella, Nicholas Sacchinelli





West Hartford Town Council

Town Council Janée Woods-Weber




Vote for Working Families Party candidates on Row C in the general election on Tuesday, November