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Connecticut Working Families Party 2018 Candidate Endorsements

The Connecticut Working Families Party has released its 2018 endorsements for US Federal office, Governor, Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller, State Senator, and State Representative.

Voters can support each of them on Row C on November 6th.

Vote for them on Row C!

US Senate

Chris Murphy

US Congress

CD1 – John Larson
CD2 – Joe Courtney
CD3 – Rosa DeLauro
CD5 – Jahana Hayes

Jahana grew up in Waterbury’s Berkeley Housing Project, and is all too familiar with the cycle of poverty that holds back so many families in Connecticut and across the country. She grew up in a family that struggled with abuse, relied on public assistance, and even lost their apartment. As a teacher at John F. Kennedy High School, she brought her experience and passion to the classroom every day, helping to open doors and create opportunities for her students. Now she is running for Congress to do that for the entire 5th District.

Statewide Constitutionals

Governor – Ned Lamont
Lieutenant Governor – Susan Bysiewicz
Secretary of the State – Denise Merrill
Treasurer – Shawn Wooden
Comptroller – Kevin Lembo
Attorney General – William Tong

State Senate

SD4 – Steve Cassano
SD6 – Terry Gerratana
SD7 – Annie Hornish
SD9 – Matt Lesser
SD10 – Gary Winfield
SD12 – Christine Cohen
SD13 – Mary Abrams
SD14 – James Maroney
SD16 – Vickie O. Nardello
SD17 – Jorge Cabrera
Jorge Cabrera is an organizer and activist who has lived in Hamden for the last fourteen years, where he has raised his two sons with his wife Rebecca, a public high school principal. He knows the important of properly funding our public education, and he understands the struggles facing today’s working families.

As an organizer for over 20 years, Jorge has traveled across the country helping workers to gain respect and dignity on the job, while working to provide opportunities for his family. Today, he is running for State Senate to provide opportunities for all of us — by fighting for an economy that works for everyone, and ensuring our seniors can retire with comfort and security.

SD18 – Robert Statchen
SD19 – Cathy Osten
SD20 – Martha Marx
SD22 – Marilyn Moore
SD24 – Julie Kushner

Julie Kushner has spent her whole life fighting to improve people’s quality of life. She understands that we have a lot going for us in Connecticut, but that we need leadership in the state senate who can get things done and stop holding us back. She is running to pass common sense policies such as affordable college, paid family leave, and local infrastructure investments.

She has a record of finding creative solutions to tough problems and bringing people to the table always had to find creative solutions to tough problems — exactly the experience needed to move Connecticut forward.

Julie is a former co-chair of the CT Working Families Party.

SD25 – Bob Duff
SD28 – Michelle Lapine McCabe
SD29 – Mae Flexer
SD30 – David Lawson
SD35 – John Perrier

State House

HD2 – Raghib Allie-Brennan
HD4 – Kennard Ray (WFP-only)
HD6 – Ed Vargas
HD7 – Joshua Hall
HD12 – Geoff Luxenberg
HD13 – Jason Doucette
HD14 – John Pelkey
HD15 – Bobby Gibson
HD17 – Eleni Kavros DeGraw
HD21 – Mike Demicco
HD23 – Matthew Pugliese
HD24 – Rick Lopes
HD25 – Bobby Sanchez
HD26 – Peter Tercyak
HD27 – Gary Turco
HD28 – Russ Morin
HD30 – Joe Aresimowicz
HD31 – Jill Barry
HD32 – Laurel Steinhauser
HD34 – Theresa Govert
HD36 – Christine Palm
HD37 – Hugh McKenney
HD40 – Christine Conley
HD41 – Joe de la Cruz
HD42 – Liz Schwebel
HD44 – Christine Rosati Randall
HD46 – Emmett Riley
HD47 – Kate Donnelly
HD48 – Linda Orange
HD49 – Susan Johnson
HD51 – Larry Groh, Jr.
HD52 – David Walsh
HD53 – Patricia Wilson Pheanious
HD54 – Gregg Haddad
HD55 – Tiffany Thiele
HD56 – Mike Winkler
HD58 – Tom Arnone
HD59 – Anthony DiPace
HD62 – Amanda Webster
HD64 – Maria Horn
HD65 – Michelle Cook
HD66 – Alex Larsson
HD67 – Thomas O’Brien
HD68 – Jeffrey Desmaris
HD69 – Greg Cava
HD73 – Ronald Napoli
HD81 – Ryan Rogers
HD85 – Mary Mushinsky
HD88 – Josh Elliott
HD90 – Daniel Fontaine
HD92 – Pat Dillon
HD94 – Robyn Porter
HD96 – Roland Lemar
HD98 – Sean Scanlon
HD99 – James Albis

Born and raised in East Haven, James Albis is a progressive leader in the State House, fighting to advance policies that promote economic growth and expand the middle class. James has worked to improve educational opportunities for students at all levels, advanced consumer protections, and secured investments in new industries like bioscience and advanced manufacturing.

James is well known as an effective environmental advocate. He was appointed to the Speaker’s Task Force on Shoreline Preservation and has investigated sea level rise, coastal flooding, and extreme weather events. His work helps to ensure the safety of homeowners and residents along the coast and in other environmentally vulnerable areas of the state.

HD100 – Quentin Phipps
HD102 – Robin Comey
HD104 – Kara Rochelle
HD106 – Rebekah Harriman-Stites
HD109 – David Arconti
HD110 – Bob Godfrey
HD114 – Mary Welander
HD115 – Dorinda Borer
HD116 – Michael DiMassa
HD117 – Cindy Wolfe Boynton
HD119 – Ellen R. Beatty
HD123 – Sujata Gadkar Wilcox
HD127 – Jack Hennessey
HD133 – Cristin McCarthy-Vahey
HD135 – Anne Hughes
HD137 – Chris Perone
HD138 – Ken Gucker
HD139 – Kevin Ryan
HD140 – Colin Hosten (WFP-only)

HD142 – Lucy Dathan
HD143 – Stephanie Thomas



Vote for Working Families Party candidates on Row C in the general election on Tuesday, November 6th!