Oregon Working Families

We are working people, school parents, small business owners, family farmers, representatives of community groups and labor unions — Oregonians from all walks of life and all areas of the state — who are building  a Working Families Party in Oregon.


What We’re Doing:

We are determined to get our government focused again on the things that can make our jobs better, our families more secure and our communities more prosperous. That means:

  • making health care affordable and available to all Oregonians;
  • improving our public schools, from pre-school through high school;
  • opening doors to higher education and job training for more working Oregonians;
  • defending our jobs against outsourcing, pay cuts and Enron-style corporate raiders;
  • protecting the promise of a decent retirement after a lifetime of work;
  • promoting smart strategies to support good jobs, such as developing Oregon’s untapped wealth of new energy sources that are clean, secure and sustainable and will be attractive to new industries in the 21st Century.

We’re not trying to create a minor party that will run “spoiler” candidates with no chance of winning. We want to win for working families. We can do that by staying focused on the issues that matter most to working families, by organizing in our communities and by restoring a system of voting in Oregon (fusion voting) that rewards major party candidates who commit to support the issues advanced by parties like the Working Families Party.


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