Our nominations

In every election, WFP members will ask the candidates tough questions on issues that matter most — like jobs, healthcare and schools — and only support those who are committed to putting ordinary families first.

When you cast your vote this year, you’ll be able to see which candidates earned our support — no matter which party they’re from. They’ll have “Working Families” listed under their names — that’s our seal of approval, right on the ballot.

2019 Oregon Endorsements (in formation)

Oregon Working Families Party – 2019 School Board Policy Principles

  • Resisting and reversing the corporate reform model of education
  • Fully supporting career and technical education
  • Utilizing Project Labor Agreements or Community Benefit Agreements on school bond construction
  • Implementing anti-racist education
  • Supporting special needs students and curriculum
  • Ending the school to prison pipeline
  • Improving employee working conditions and upholding the right to strike
  • Opposing the use of public funds for private for-profit charter schools, vouchers, non-certified teachers in publicly funded classrooms, and other schemes that weaken public schools and accelerate the privatization of public education
  • Fighting for tuition-free higher education

Endorsed school board candidates:

  • Gordon Lafer – Eugene (4J) #4
  • Martina Shabram – Eugene (4J) #5
  • Lisa Fragala – Lane Community College #7
  • Tony Lapiz – Linn-Benton Community College #6-7
  • Chelsea King Martin – West-Linn Wilsonville #2
  • Raul Marquez Guerrero – Salem-Keizer #2
  • David Salinas – Salem-Keizer #4
  • Ricardo Ruiz – Reynolds #5
  • Yesenia Delgado – Reynolds #7
  • Sahar Yarjani Muranovic – David Douglas #4
  • Alex Diaz Rios – Portland Community College #7
  • See Eun Kim – Hillsboro #4
  • Lisa Allen – Hillsboro #5
  • Yadira Martinez – Hillsboro #7