Wisconsin Working Families Party

The Wisconsin Working Families Party is a grassroots independent political organization that fights for Wisconsin’s working families 365 days a year — working to raise the minimum wage, get big money out of politics, and advocate for racial justice.


In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, too many working families are falling behind. Politicians beholden to big money are pushing down wages and eliminating jobs — all while cutting taxes for the wealthy. Scott Walker clearly answers to the demands of his billionaire donors, like the Koch Brothers. But the truth is, too many Democrats are silent or are too timid when it comes time to really fight for working families.

That’s why we’re standing up to Republicans and to corporate Democrats. We’re working to recruit and elect progressive candidates that share our values for City Council and County Board around the state, as well as for State Assembly and State Senate.


WFP Endorses Hillary Clinton

Read this article on Medium. With the support of 68% of our membership and the backing of our national board, we’re announcing the Working Families Party’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. WFP was an early, enthusiastic supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders’ ... More

This is a Radio Interview you won’t want to miss

  https://soundcloud.com/working-families/wisconsin-wfps-marina-dimitrijevic-on-wisconsin-public-radio This week, Wisconsin Working Families State Director Marina Dimitrijevic joined Central Time on Wisconsin Public Radio to speak about the Wisconsin Working Families Party and the issues facing the state. “I think working families across the nation have seen that the major parties ... More